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The Macbeth Principle With Modern Day Leaders

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In the play, Macbeth, by William Shakespeare, the concept I traced was fate and freewill. Macbeth was forced to choose between fate and freewill when he heard of the witches’ prophecy. This concept was interesting because you were tracing how Macbeth’s decisions would affect him later in the story, an example is when he kills Banquo and then later Banquo’s ghost comes to haunt him. These decisions would ultimately decide his future and shape his personality as a ruler. Macbeth choose free will and therefore became king through lying, cheating and murder, his rule as a king was similar to his upbringing as a king. I chose this topic because I thought it was interesting why modern day dictators were making their decisions, how their decisions got them to power, and how they are able to stay in power for extended periods of time. This relates to modern times because leaders today who gain power over totalitarian governments or inherit power through their relatives are inevitably harsher and more tyrannical rulers than those who get elected as leaders. Many leaders from all over the world are showing modern day parallels to Macbeth by gaining and keeping power through rigged elections and by executing or intimidating the opposition.

Part 2
Robert Mugabe

One real world dictator that emulates Macbeth’s tactics was Robert Mugabe, he was the Zimbabwean dictator that is currently using similar tactics that Macbeth used. . Mugabe was elected after he helped lead Zimbabwe to victory against Rhodesia. Although Mugabe called for free elections, he has been in power since 1980 and in 2008, he won his election by intimidating his opposition's supporters by attacking them and getting his men to send them threats. He barely won the vote before the intimidation and after, ninety percent of the voter voted for him. His main opponent, Morgan Tsvangirai stated, " The outcome is determined by... Mugabe himself."these unfair elections are not the only way that citizens are affected in Zimbabwe, some Mugabe supporters chanted, “Down with the whites. Not even one white man should remain in the country.” It is apparent that Robert Mugabe’s rule has corrupted his civilians by feeding them lies and inputting propaganda in the media to help reinforce his racist ideas. He has turned them to racism by blaming mass deaths of over 20,000 people onto the white leaders that once ruled Zimbabwe. Mugabe maintains his power through rigged elections by intimidating the opposition’s supporters. His militarists ideas have influenced him by causing him to believe that he can rule through violence and the oppression of his people. Mugabe is as much of a tyrant as Macbeth was. Some people say that problems like these are only in lesser developed countries such as Myanmar, Zimbabwe, and Libya but, Russia too has a dictator.

Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin is the leader of Russia, although he did not gain or inherit his power through a military coup, he shares many of the same...

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