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The Magic Of Harry Potter Essay

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The moment I flipped to a page, the sights and sounds of the chapter overwhelmed me. I gazed in awe from the stands as athletes soared through the air on broomsticks, and I dared not turn my eyes away from the regal hippogriff strutting about its corral. The scent of musty, leather-bound books in the library drifted into my nose, and I took gulps of the fresh Scottish air, smiling when I caught a whiff of the evening’s supper being prepared in the kitchens. If I concentrated, I could identify every flavor of Bertie Bott’s jellybeans, while the foul taste of polyjuice potion never failed to make me crinkle my nose in disgust. As I meandered down the winding street of Diagon Alley, I listened ...view middle of the document...

My infatuation with the popular British novels began in August, roughly a month before I returned to school to receive my second grade education. My cousins, older by only a few years, had already grown transfixed with the lightning-scarred, bespectacled wizard, and recommended the series to me. Seeing that I was but a wee seven year old, my parents took it upon themselves to read all three hundred and nine pages of the first installment, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, aloud to me before bed each evening. To both the readers’ and listener’s dismay, each chapter was around twenty pages in length, resulting in merely half of one per night, leaving me begging for more and anxious over what was going to happen to Harry and his friends. One such companion, brilliant witch Hermione Granger, became the subject of much exasperation. I knew the precise pronunciation of her curious name; my parents, conversely, could scarcely get past the first syllable. After a chapter or so, they simply gave up and called her, “Hermy.” Although I found it quite humorous, the issue bothered me, and as we completed the book, I asked, in my sweetest voice, if I could please read Chamber of Secrets on my own. My parents met my request with sighs of relief and yawned permission. With that, I truly embarked on my journey through Harry Potter’s fascinating life.
I may have read the series on my own, but the people of the Wizarding World kept me far from lonely. Hermione grew to be my closest friend; an intelligent perfectionist of an eleven year old, her character embodied my own thoughts and behaviors. The tall, clumsy, ginger known as Ron acted like a brother, along with the green-eyed protagonist, Harry. Weasley family members, abundant throughout the books, made me laugh nonstop, from Arthur’s interest in rubber ducks, to Ginny’s stubborn quips, to the antics courtesy of the prankster twins, Fred and George. Hogwarts professors taught me valuable life lessons, and Dumbledore mentored me while Voldemort and Umbridge exhibited how one should not conduct oneself. It was as though the beautiful castle was my home, and the peculiar cast of characters became my family.
While perusing the pages of a Harry Potter novel, even the most accomplished authors and critics find difficult vocabulary, intricate plots, and unexpectedly mature themes amongst the rhythmic beauty of Rowling’s words. Thus, from a young age, I developed a wide vocabulary and comprehended complex ideas, all thanks to this whimsical adventure of a series. Not only did the books improve my literacy, but they expanded my appreciation of words and prose. Before I began my wizarding expedition, I read extensive series composed of short, simple books, such as Junie B. Jones and The Magic Tree House. Though these provided the kindle to my love of literature, Harry Potter was the spark that ignited the flames. Within the first few novels, I became enthralled with stories and the letters and words that built...

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