The Magic Of Words: Creative Writing

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Magic of WordsSometimes small words said by right person at the right time do big magic. My boarding experience did just that. I hope at the end of this story I convince everyone sitting in this room to realize that simple words you say can change someone's life. After my 6th grade, I was sent to the boarding school, which according to my parents was the best option for me. I was really interested in playing soccer and I was also getting a continued training of it. On the other hand I was also getting continued training of dance in my after school dance classes. As my dad got new government job in different Indian state he had to move to the state of New Delhi. I always lived with my mom and dad and it was the first time when my dad was away from our family. After my dad left it was just my mom left who was suppose to take care of me. She was not able to provide me all the rides I needed to go to all these different places for my dance training and soccer practice. She also had full time job she did not have enough time to help me in my studies. Being my dad away made her do other chores that my dad use to do. All the responsibilities of house were on her and I knew she could not give me the time that she used to give me. I was given all the reasons that why I was being sent to the boarding school but nothing convinced me that I deserve to be sent away from my home. I remember the first time I saw that red building I felt like I am being sent to a jail. I had to sleep in a room, which I shared with two other girls. They were the same age as mine but they were in that school since their 4th grades. They were use to the school environment. Therefore, my situation was different from them and they were not able to understand my feelings or what I was going though. I missed my bed room my study table, everything that just belonged to me when I was at home. I used to be very sharp student and had full interest in all the activities that I was involved in at that time. Everything changed when I got into that school. It was so hard for me to adjust myself to the tight schedule of the school. I remember all kids...

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