The Magician Behind The Magic Essay

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Do you remember how David Copperfield makes the Statue of Liberty disappeared? Do you remember how he penetrated the Great Wall of China? And do you remember how a famous street magician David Blaine stayed in an ice tank without eating and drinking for seven days in the street of London? These famous magicians are great. However, we all know that magic is false, why the magicians are so successful? People might think that is because they are so fraudulent when they do a trick, they have a pair of extremely nimble and sensitive hand that even faster than our eyes. Some people even consider magicians low-educated. Actually, most of these assumptions on magicians are not true, magicians are ordinary people, they are trustful, high-educated and none of their’s hands are faster than our eyes.
Firstly, most magicians will not fool you every single time; they just want to talk to you while people tend to be so vigilant. I have learned magic tricks for years, but I do not and I can not fool people every time, because we are also ordinary person. Many people assume that the magician might treat them when the magician was talking to them; they are so scared to be made games of. Once, I was talking to my cousin then I said I am showing you a magic, I turned her hands over, and did some magic moves which is to confused her, actually I put a plastic toy Spider which looks so real sticked to her hand, she turned her hand over, she screamed and jumped very high and shook her hand heavily, while I was laughing at her reaction. After that, she always try to avoid talking to me because she does not want to be fooled again, she was so vigilant especially when I ask her questions which are considered prelude of a trick. However, most of the time, I just want to talk to her, I do not want to fool her, her assumption which came from her spider experience sometimes makes me so confused. I really do not want to scare or treat her every time I talk to her.

In addition, some people really consider magicians true magicians who have superpowers that can switch or vanish stuffs immediately since for countless times, we saw a magician vanish a tank or his gorgeous assistance in front of the camera just in few seconds in TV. One assumption is that magicians’ hand is extremely nimble and fast that even faster than our eyes, so they can vanish a coin in front of the spectators in some street close up magic. Actually, no magicians’ hands can move faster than your eyes, and most of tricks do not need that crazy hand. What magicians did is misdirection which is to distract spectators’ attention then magicians can do their secret moves. There are many kinds of...

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