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The Magnet Recognition Program was initially developed to attract and maintain nursing staff. According to American Nurses Credentialing Center’s (ANCC) web site, the program “was developed by the ANCC to recognize health care organizations that provide nursing excellence. The program also provides a vehicle for disseminating successful nursing practices and strategies.” Nursing administration continues to have an integral role associated with the demonstration of excellence in achieving the highest honor of nursing distinction. The exploration of force one, quality of nursing leadership, continues to be the foundation of magnet recognition.
The magnet recognition program began in the early 1980s as a stride towards promoting nurse retention in the United States. Administrators, directors, staff nurses, and hospital administration gathered together to discuss the essentials of hospital designation. The original research, gathered in 1983, was targeted to identify successful nurse retention. In 1993, the ANCC approved the standards set forth in previous research to become standardized utilizing the forces of magnetism. The 14 characteristics described by the ANCC as “forces of magnetism” define the structure of excellence within the healthcare environment. McClure & Hinshaw (2002), describe the following 14 characteristics that attract and retain nurses to magnet hospitals: “Quality nursing leadership, organizational structure, management style, personal policies and programs, professional models of care, quality of care, quality improvement, consultation and resources, autonomy, community and health organization, nurses as teachers, image of nursing, interdisciplinary relationships, and professional development”.
Nursing administration is responsible for guiding and directing nursing care throughout the facility. Roussel & Swansburg, (2009), define the term nurse administrator as “a registered nurse whose primary responsibility is the management of healthcare delivery services and who represents nursing service.” This position is vital in planning for magnet designation. Roussel states, “the scope and standards for nurse administrators provides a conceptual model for educating and developing nurses in the professional practice of administrative nursing and healthcare.” Administrative practice requires quality of care, knowledge of the nursing environment, and leadership essentials to implement process management and understanding with few limitations.
The keystone to magnet status is the demonstration of the organizational nursing leadership model. The chief nursing officer (CNO) must be involved in the organizations decision-making and strategic planning for one year prior to submitting documentation. At this time, the CNO must possess a Master’s...

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