The Magnificent Life Of The Black Hole

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The magnificent life of a black hole. The black hole is a mystery that you will want to learn about. A black hole does many wonderful things in outer space. Black holes in outer space have been a mystery for years. There are many questions such as how is a black hole born and how does a black hole grow.
What is a black hole?
A black hole is a dead star in outer space. It is where planets and stars disappear at. The gravity of a black hole is way too strong ( Aguilar 39). The black hole is a weird object in outer space and a black hole is formed when two giant stars or more collapse together and basically vacuum anything that comes near it ( Aguilar 39). It might be gases around the black hole. People call it a black hole because light can’t escape from it (Cool Cosmos). So the hole appears black and the volume of the black hole is zero (Cool Cosmos).
The black hole may be dangerous the black holes are born from supernovas (Mack 31). You will not be able to see a black hole not even if you use a telescope because there is no light to see anything (Mack 31). They come in different sizes such as small, medium, and large (Mack 31). It is filled with a lot of material so they are squashed into an extremely small space that is what gives the hole super strong gravity. Since the light can’t escape from the black hole when the light is the speed of 186,000 miles then nothing that we know of can (Cool Cosmos). Black holes may be anywhere such as in the center of a milky way and the density is infinite or unlimited (Mack 32). A black hole can’t be measured because it has no region to measure but the black hole do rotate on an axis like the the earth and other planets (Mack 31). They use the name black hole because the objects look like black holes in outer space since the black holes put out no light (Cool Cosmos).
Black holes are in the center of the Milky Way but it’s hard to see because there are thick clouds located between it (Mack 32). The massive black holes weigh four million times as much as the sun (Aguilar 39). The sun can never become at black hole (Mack 32). The sun can never become one because the mass of the sun is to low (Mack 32). There are a lot of massive holes that all have the mass of a billion suns (Mack 32). The bigger a black hole the more mass it has. This is what a black hole is (Mack 32).
How is a black hole born?
A black hole is created when big stars collapse then it forms a black hole. So a black hole starts basically from a regular star then when two or more stars collapse it transforms into a black hole in outer space. First, a black hole may sometimes give off light to show that another black hole has formed or is born and at the very bottom they called it a white hole because it gives off a bright white light all the time. Some black holes are formed because stars may burst which creates another black hole. When the stars die they may vanish very quickly and when they vanish it is going to form into a black hole in...

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