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The Maid Who Kept Her Faith Even To The Stake, A Comparison Of The Movie Joan Of Arc

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        Imagine dying on a stake because it was God's will. The flames parch your toes and engulf every part of you, but you don't feel it because you are numb with faith. You look up to Heaven with the satisfaction that your reward is great and slowly surrender your body to the scorching heat. Life leaves you like steam from boiling water and travels up to accept its reward.

        This is precisely what happened to Joan of Arc. I chose to research this movie because her faith in God was strong, and I wanted to learn more about her. My intentions are to summarize this movie based on fact and explain what parts are actual fact and what parts are fiction. Although Joan was displayed as an inspirational and courageous heroin in the CBS movie Joan of Arc, the facts and details strayed far from the truth.

        In the beginning of the movie, Joan was portrayed as a twelve year old girl attending the local church with her family. During the service, young Joan experienced a visit from a heavenly body. In the midst of people praying, she ran outside. Later that day she returned to the church to pray. The bishop explained that the Hundred Year War was predicted by the great prophet Merlin who supposedly said, "After nearly a century of war, this young maiden would unite her divided people to freedom." This was certainly not a Merlin prophecy. According to Frohlick, the prophecy was actually, "France, ruined by a woman, would be restored by a maid from the borders of Lorraine" (1).

        The movie jumped to six years later. Joan continued to hear voices and see angels from Heaven telling her to be a good, pious person and attend church regularly. However, they started to tell her that she must depart on a mission to see the Dauphin, Charles VII. The voices became more frequent and insistent. A group of people were transporting livestock from their town, Domremy, to Vaucouleurs. She felt it was her opportunity to sneak into the back of the carriage. Before she left, she made sure to receive the blessings of the priest. This is not entirely true. Instead, "Her Uncle Durand asked her parents' permission to take Joan to his home so that she could help his wife with the house work and delivery of her child. While Joan was there, she convinced her uncle of her mission. He took her to see Robert de Baudricourt in Vaucouleurs" (Frohlick Review 6).

        When she arrived at her destination, she requested that Robert de Baudricourt send her to Chinon so that she may speak to the Dauphin. Her voices told her to dress in men's clothing. Robert did not honor her request, and instead laughed at her and sent her away. Joan stayed in town and tried again. This contradicts what really happened. According to McGill, she went home and did not return until the end of the year.

        In the duration between the two visits, the movie showed that Baudricourt's hens refused to lay eggs. This proved to be...

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