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The Main Buildings And Change In Their Use Over Time

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The Main Buildings and Change In Their Use Over Time

The buildings in the surrounding area of the canal will help us find
out how the canal system affected the lives of the people and the
landscape of the villages of stoke bruerne.

The first building I came across was the Brick Built House. This
building is made up of brick and wood. Looking from the front it looks
old and derelict. It is now used as a private house but looks very
abandoned. This building used to be the lock keepers cottage. This
could have been helpful and reliable because it was right near the
locks, however it is not totally reliable because things have changed,
for example the door has been replaced and there was an Ariel on the

The next building was The Small White Hut. This building is made from
brick and wood and there is plastic guttering. This little hut is now
used as a storage room for British waters, it used to be a leggers
cottage. Leggers were people who laid on the boats and pushed the boat
through the tunnel using there legs and feet. the leggers cottage is
now used as a storage room because leggers are no longer needed as
horsepower replaced them.

The next building was The Boat Inn. The building is made from brick
and glass windows, there are also signs hanging outside the building.
The Boat Inn is now a Pub Restaurant; 150 years ago the Boat Inn was
the same but was also used as a Butchers and Barbershop. The Boat Inn
used to be mainly used by traders, but nowadays is mainly used by the
tourists because over the years a lot of the trade was lost, so there
wasn't a lot of traders' passing through the area to use the Boat Inn.


The next building was The Restaurant and Bar. it is a stone brick
building with glass windows. Tourists and local people now use the
restaurant and bar. This building used to be a stable for the horses.
The building has changed over the years because horses are no longer

The next building was The Canal Shop. The building is made out of
brick stone and glass window. There are colourful signs and flags
around the shop. this building is just a canal shop for passing boat
owners if they need anything for their boats; it used to be the Wharf
managers office.

The next building was the Bed and Breakfast Cottage. The bed and
breakfast cottage is made of stone bricks. it has four or five windows
and a matching white door.150 years ago it was the storage for the
Wharf. It is no longer used as this because wharfs are no longer
needed so it has become a bed and breakfast for the tourists that pass

Stonehouse rear.jpg (43395 bytes)

The next building is The Museum. The museum has three storeys and
three black doors. it has eight windows. The museum is also made out
of brick. The museum is used to show tourists about the past of...

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