The Main Causes Of Global Warming

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Global warming is the rise of temperature of the Earth. The main cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect. The way humans behave is the reason that greenhouse gas trap more heat. Automobiles are the main cause of the greenhouse gases to to trap the heat. Global warming doesn’t completely mean a constant rise in temperature, it is mainly a change in patterns.
The two major greenhouse gases include methane and carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide and methane normally come from Earth’s atmosphere. The greenhouse gases are enhanced because of our human activity. The greenhouse gases are known as synthetic chemicals.
Our Earth has had at least five ice ages. The very first ice age we have had occurred nearly 2 billion years ago. Also, our most recent ice age started happening close to 3 million years ago. The most recent ice age is still happening today so technically we live in an ice age. An ice age is a long period of time when the planet is semi-cold and the earth is covered in giant sheets of ice in some areas. During an ice age we experience short flashes of very warm weather. Sometimes during the heat flashes the glaciers can melt.
The medieval warming period happened from about 950 through 1250. The medieval warming period was a time when the temperatures were risen in the North Atlantic region. The medieval warming period took place in the European middle ages. Recently after the medieval warming period there was a cooler time called the little ice age.
The little ice age lasted from 1250 to the end of the nineteenth century. It has been found that neither the little ice age or the medieval warming period were global, the two only took place in the North Atlantic region.
Carbon and Methane are fossil fuels that can burn. These are the two main greenhouse gases. As said before the greenhouse gases get trapped and burnt which damage the atmosphere and make it hotter. The reason these fossil fuels are abused is because us humans all use them every day and the problem keeps increasing.
Coral reefs are home to many important animals that we eat. Global warming heats the ocean temperature and deteriorates the reefs leaving fish without homes. The reason the heat affects the reefs is because it bleaches them. The heating of the ocean can also give the reefs several different types of diseases. The diseases are bad because the reefs support entire ecosystems. The reefs are capable of absorbing carbon dioxide which makes them sick and kills them eventually. The ice caps are melting due to global warming, which means water levels rise. When water levels rise it is harder for reefs to get the sunlight they need to survive.
Global warming is causing our main deserts to dry up even more. It is causing all of the the water in the desert to evaporate constantly. Some areas out there where it is still wet will receive long dry weather until precipitation occurs. Water levels are expected to drop...

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