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The Most Important Elements Of Self Change In Therapy

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The fundamental components of the client-centered therapeutic tradition are themost influential dynamics for facilitating self-change. In this method, thekey elements to bring about change lie within the client-therapistrelationship. "From this perspective, treatment is best understood as apartnership for change" (Hubble 416). This relationship must be based onmutual trust, respect and belief that the client has the ability to change."The client's view of the relationship is the 'trump card' in the therapyoutcome..." (Hubble 412). The client-therapist relationship is crucial inproducing change in an individual. This relationship consists of two majorcomponents (the therapist and the client) and in order for successful change tooccur there are essential elements to both sections.First, the therapist must create a warm emotional bond with the client that isempathetic, genuine and unconditionally accepting. "Nonjudgementalness reducesinterpersonal anxiety, thereby increasing the client's capacity for facingintrapersonal pain and anxiety, whereas therapist empathy helps the client toturn his or her attention to internal experience" (Greenberg 102). The secondset of key elements lie within the client. The client must haveself-determination and actively participate in the therapy. The therapistmotivates and promotes self-exploration, but the client must be willing tochange. The client and the therapist work together to achieve goalsestablished by the client. "With the recognition that motivation for change ispartly a product of what people do together, clinicians can work in harmonywith their clients to increase their participation in treatment" (Hubble 413).A person who has trouble growing toward self-actualization needs a positivecaring environment to grow psychologically. The therapist's role of beingempathetic, genuine and unconditionally accepting creates a welcomingenvironment for facilitating self change. It helps the client feel comfortablein sharing truthfully about his or her situations; the therapist can thenassist the client in self-exploration, so that he or she can identify problemsthat are hindering his or her own growth process.Empathy is a personality trait or disposition to feel what other people feel orunderstand others from the inside. (Greenberg 1993) In therapy, empathy refersto understanding the client's feelings and personal meanings. The therapistmust be able to relate to the client's situation and comprehend his or heremotions in order to authenticate to the client that he or she is truly beingunderstood. By being empathetic, the therapist can prove to the client that heor she is compassionate towards his or her situation. "The therapist entersthe client's frame of reference, tries to see the world from the client'ssubjective perspective, listens from the inside as if he or she were theclient, and tracks the client's subjective experience moment-by moment as itunfolds" (Greenberg 103). The therapist works on getting into the...

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