The Main Events Of Franklin Delano Roosevelt's (Fdr) Life. These Include, His Fight With Congress Over American Involvement In Ww2, The Great Depression And His New Deal. Includes Bibliography.

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Throughout Frederick Delano Roosevelt's prestigious career as president, he made huge contributions to the United States socially and economically through many trials and tribulations in both his political and personal life. Early on in his presidency he was forced to deal with a massive depression and later on, a World War, all while battling Polio. Roosevelt stepped up where most men would have folded in the time of depression, as Roosevelt through a number of Administrations, was able to put the United States economy back on track. The American people adored Roosevelt, as they elected him four times, placing the trust Roosevelt needed to fight congress on the issue of involvement in the World War overseas. Roosevelt's proved himself as a worthy leader of the United States, accomplishing what most would see as impossible and in the process defining himself as the great FDR.Even in Roosevelt's early life, he always fought hard for what he wanted or believed in. At the age of 14, Roosevelt attended the Groton school for boys where he was faced with the difficult challenge of fitting in with a number of different boys who had already made friendships in years prior. He never excelled athletically, but tried out for a number of different sports including tennis and bird hunting. He later moved on to Harvard where Roosevelt studied History and Government. He joined the staff of '"The Crimson," which was Harvard's premiere student run publication. He found that this was his true passion. His articles were highly respected and enjoyed, partly because of his relationship to Theodore Roosevelt, who was President at the time. He later went on to law school at the University of Columbia and successfully passed his bar exam. While in a partnership with Emmet, Marvin and Roosevelt, Roosevelt faced one of the biggest challenges of his life. He awoke one morning and found his neck and legs were numb. After a number of doctors had made incorrect diagnoses, it was finally discovered that he had poliomyelitis, better known as polio. Things looked grim as an aid had to be hired to help him to every day tasks, getting to the office and performing every day duties. In February of 1922, he was fitted for metal leg braces, which would allow him to have a limited walk. The disease never bothered him as much as the fact that he was not able to enjoy activities like tennis with his children any longer. His mother Sarah wanted him to retire to Hyde Park, but his wife Eleanor and his aid Louis Howe were able to convince him to return to an active life. After returning to his job at the Fidelity and Deposit Company, his co-workers noted his new perspective on life on his newfound patients, which Eleanor attributes to his fight with Polio. Over the course of his life, Roosevelt proved his character time after time saying, "There is nothing I love as much as a good fight...I have never had as much fun in my life as I am having right now." (Roosevelt referring to his battle...

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