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The Main Causes And Implications Of Perpetual Distortions And Errors

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The fundamental role in management is attaining predetermined objectives through cooperation of staff and other parties. Organizations therefore attain their goals by utilizing the competence of their employees and this mostly applies to the executive members who are mandated with the responsibility of overseeing the development of the company’s priorities. However, there are instances when the employees at any level in the organization may experience problems due to distortions, which may cause errors and in the process compromise the goals and priorities of an organization.
One of the possible causes of errors is failure to accept personal responsibility. The executive members for example are faced with many challenges of making the right decisions at the right time. This involves engaging in organizational consultation in order to develop the expected returns (Boin 2010). However, the management has to ensure that the company is compliant with the risks involved in any decision-making venture and hence bear the accountability associated with any eventual fate. If the employees fail to take the personal responsibility; they not only jeopardize the efforts of the other parties involved, but also endanger the company’s corporate goals.
Personal problems may also cause distortions and lead to development of errors. Any employee working for a certain corporation should distinguish between corporate and personal problems (Center for Error Management 2004). One of the most common problems is financial constraints that cause employees to lose focus as they try to find ways of generating extra income. In such instances, the employees become stressed up and this increases the possibility of errors. Combining personal problems with work challenges makes an individual to lose focus and may cause perpetual distortions.
One of the implications of these perpetual distortions is poor output; in such situations, employees are unable to give the company optimum results. The distortions may also cause errors in the various operations expected to be perfected by the employees. This means that individuals should strive to ensure that personal problems are not introduced in the office. The problems should either be solved through counseling or a collaborative initiative between employees and the executive members of the organization (Center for Error Management 2004).
The other possible cause of perception distortions and errors is the variation in personal goals and wants among staff members. Different persons have different goals and wants and for this reason, they perceive a variety of activities and issues from different perspectives. If the corporate goals were to be discriminated from personal goals of employees; various employees therefore discharge their duties differently and this may lead to errors in the organization’s operations. The perception distortions can therefore be influenced by the nature of the wants and goals and it may lead to some...

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