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The Major Marketing Strategies Essay

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The Major Marketing Strategies

Most of the major marketing strategies can be classified into one of
the following four categories:

* Product
* Place
* Price
* Promotion

These four categories are known as the marketing mix or the four P’s
of marketing. These are variables that the marketing managers have to
control in order to satisfy their customers. Below is a diagram of how
the marketing mix comprises.

Product: looks at the physical product or service offered to the
consumer, it also refers to the service or the conveniences that are
part of the offering.

Product decisions include aspects such as: function appearance,
packaging, service, warranty and any other elements related with the

Price: Pricing decisions should take into account profit margins and
the probable pricing response of competitors.

Pricing does not only take into account the list price but also looks
at: discount, financing and other options such as leasing.

Place: The place or placement serves as the channels of distribution
for getting the product to the consumer.

Distribution takes into account: Availability, types of outlets and
market coverage and the location of the business.

Promotion: These decisions are those related to communicating and
selling the product to the consumer. Promotions need to take into
account the value of the customer as promotions can become quite
expensive and therefore you need to consider whether your customers
are really worth the cost of acquiring them.

Promotion decisions include: advertising, public relations, media
types, publicity and image.

The following table summarises the marketing mix decisions

In regards to Hayes pool the marketing mix had been used to create
their marketing strategy by looking at the four P’s and linking them
to the consumer. Hayes pool would be looking to use a market
penetration scheme as their main target consumers would be those
people interested in using the swimming facility. In this case Hayes
pool knows that the demand is likely to be elastic because of the fact
that so many leisure centres and gym facilities are constantly

The product of Hayes pool is mainly the swimming complex that they
have and as a subsidiary business they have involved a gym facility.

The product side of the marketing mix has not been used very
effectively; the appearance is very poor as the building seems quite
old and has not much design ergonomics or aesthetics towards it. The
brand can be related to in terms of ‘Hayes Pool,’ although Hayes pool
is well known around the Hayes radius it does not appear with the big
names such as: ‘fitness first,’ ‘Gold’s gym,’ and other big names. I
believe the only positive side to the ‘Product’ is that the
service/support as the staff is very friendly and there is always
someone to help. There is also a gym facility which does not cost much
and upstairs there is a seating area which incorporates a cafeteria

The ‘price’ is quite low the standard rates of using the...

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