The Major Motion Picture "Pearl Harbor"

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Pearl Harbor

     The major motion picture, Pearl Harbor, reflects upon a war that occurred a few decades ago rather than the documentary filmed very shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor. Both movies depict the attack as one that will live on in infamy, but the documentary takes a spiteful vengeance towards Japan because it was filmed during a time of hatred towards the Japanese, our enemy. While the newer movie has given us time to reflect upon the war and realize that we both underestimated the enemy and knew very little about the other. While one movie was in black and white and the other was in color with millions spent on the fighting scenes, they both depict the same war. I felt that there was too much of the love story in the newer film than actual historical figures and importance. Real historical figures Col. James H. Doolittle Alec Baldwin and Doris "Dorie" Miller Cuba Gooding, Jr. in minor roles that should have been given more screen time are sprinkled throughout the film, adding a touch of authenticity to the daring-do of the main fictional characters portrayed by Affleck and Hartnett. The film that was in black and white attempted to destroy the Japanese reputation by showing all the faults of the Japanese people and making their leaders out to be complete tyrants and the bombers to be lunatics who would die for these tyrants. Historically, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor represented one of the key actions of World War II, because it sucked the United States into the war. The attack, devised by Admiral Yamamoto, commander of the Japanese fleet, brought the brunt of the Japanese military power to bear on Hawaii. In a two-hour period, 18 ships were sunk or badly damaged including the Arizona, which split in two then went under; the West Virginia; and the 188 planes were destroyed, and more than 3500 Americans were killed or wounded. Fortunately for the...

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