The Main People Involved In The Civil Rights Movement

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The Main People Involved in the Civil Rights Movement

The civil rights movement was perhaps the most vital social movement
in the twentieth century. It began with the impact from the Second
World War, upon American race-relations, traces the unfolding protests
against racial segregation in the 1950's and the 1960's. This analysed
the struggle for black southerners to win right to vote. Also it
looked at southern white resistances to racial equality.

One of the main people involved in the civil rights movement is
thirteen-year career of Martin Luther king. He was the most
influential black leader of the era, constitutes an important focus
for the civil rights movement. From 1956 until his tragic death in
1968, Martin Luther King was the for most leader in the black
American's non-violent quest for civil rights and a better life.
Inspired by a lecture on Mahatma Gandhi. He went out and brought every
book he could find on Gandhi and nonviolence.

King realised that the love ethic of Jesus could go beyond individuals
and be more applied to the conflicts of racial groups and nations. He
discovered the method for social reform in Gandhi's love force and
nonviolence. King thought he could do the same as Gandhi did for
Asians, and stop racism towards African Americans.

This leads me onto my next involvement, which is Rosa Parks. If you
ask me I think Rosa Parks was the mother of the civil rights movement,
because Mrs Parks was convicted one morning, of disobeying the City's
segregation ordinance and fined 10 dollars on top of Court costs. Rosa
changed the nation when she refused to give her seat up for a white
person. The same day of her arrest Martin Luther King was hired by one
of the black activists to boycott the bus...

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