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The Main Problems Of Rationalism Essay

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Rationalism goes by the idea of questioning everything. This method can be extreme in some aspects, meaning that certain things may be denied such as the senses, including taste, smell, vision and sound. It also tends to use mathematical principles to explain the world in which we live in; examples include equations modeled for change in climate, the economy and population, but math cannot be used to understand every single aspect of life. Many rationalists also believe in the concept of perfectionism, in which there is perfect order and everything works out the way we would like it to. The biggest problem with Rationalism’s ideology however, is its strong use of skepticism, everything ...view middle of the document...

Descartes viewed God as basically an idea of perfectionism, and that no one could perform what God could (262). Machinery is particularly designed to take on tasks in a near perfect manner, but can also fail terribly to execute the task given. The idea of perfectionism is nearly impossible to achieve in reality, as perfect order in the physical world is rarely seen or achieved.
Mind and body in Rationalism is used to distinguish what is metaphysical or physical. Rationalists see the mind as a concept in which perfect order exists and everything works out our way, whereas in the physical world it is impossible to achieve and disorder exists. Dualism is said to be the order of the universe as a whole. The main issue with Cartesian dualism is that perhaps the mind isn’t as perfect as we make it out to be. The physical world in Cartesian dualism is said controlled through scientific laws (267). Empiricists agree with dualism to an extent, but rather they deny Descartes’s innate ideas and body concept.
This philosophy denies the use of sense perception, and rather goes for reasoning on everything. The world can be very difficult to interpret without use of the senses or experience. Rationalism rejects the senses and explains that they can betray us to think something different than what we suspect. Rationalists and Descartes believe that the senses can be either tricked by an evil being like the devil or it could be a dream and cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am) (258). Senses such as touching or hearing can be hard to interpret as a dream rather than reality because of their existence. They are also used to help gain experience of the world around us and what to expect from it. Sense perception is the only the world can be comprehended; reasoning uses the mind and analysis to explain the physical world without the use of experience.
The technique of doubt is a point of high concern in Rationalism. This relies heavily on the use of mathematics, explaining that it is the only method that can be used to discuss scientific principles, formulate them and comprehend the world around us...

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