The Main Social, Cultural And Economic Consequences Are Of The Past, Present And Future Globalisation.

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SCHOOL OF HUMANITIESACCESS TO SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITESWORLD STUDIES - GLOBALISATIONDISCUSS WHAT THE MAIN SOCIAL, CULTURAL AND ECONOMIC CONSEQUENCES OF PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE GLOBALISATION ARE.INTRODUCTION:Global interdependence is and will continue to control the twenty first century. What occurs on the other side of the sphere (world) is already being experienced in the United Kingdom and vice-versa."The Global village. The New World Order, The peace dividend; these are all buzzwords of the 1990s that reflected an optimistic outlook for the dawning of the next century. ...Unfortunately it has become obvious that the corner turned did not lead to a smooth road on which racism, nationalism, and plethora of insular, myopic attitudes were put behind us. In fact it seems that we have entered a period of time where many of the demons of the Cold War era - whether economic, environmental or social - still loom like an ominous cloud on the horizon."Presently the combination of wide spread awareness and established academic perspectives, the topic of Globalisation has grown prominently following the end of the Cold War in the late 1980s. Dowdeswell quotation suggests it brought vast optimism for:I. Improved international cooperation between cultures and countries.II. New obligations to support the aims of International organisations, in particular the United Nations (UN).These progressions many people anticipated would incorporate efforts to confront a variety of incessant negative outcomes, including: economic, social, and cultural inequalities, war human right abuses and environmental degradation and destruction.Since then things have become increasingly complex.In this discussion on past, present and future Globalisation, first we analyse the historical foundations of Globalisation (the "past" aspect), looking at events that enabled Western Imperialism and expanding an understanding by observing various theoretical approaches. Then discussing the present existence of both "positive" and "negative" outcomes of globalisation. Progressing on we look at Globalisation in terms of; economic, social and cultural factors all of which are the effected consequences of Globalisation for recent and future political circumstances (concepts such as "The New World Order").What is Globalisation?By definition Globalisation is summarised as:"The world has become in important respects, a single social system, as a result of growing tiers of interdependence... The social, political and economic connections, which crosscut borders between countries, which decisively condition the fate of those living within each of them. The general term for the increasing of interdependence of the world society is globalisation."The concept of Globalisation is frequently utilised but rarely defined. To be academically supportive, the concept demands detailed specification; for instance there is a necessity to highlight that Globalisation refers to a contemporary, distinct phase in...

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