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In the novel Lord of the Flies, there are many different themes that are presented to the reader to add to the richness of the story. Many conflicts arise and basically in any of the situations the winner is determined by the survival of the fittest. As each conflict arises the boys slide back down into a unordered world of savagery and this is caused by the breakdown of the ordered society that the boys attempt to replicate when they first arrive on the island as that was how they had been raised. The sense of good and evil on the island becomes unbalanced as the boys regress back to savage ways. The characters that still have the sense to do what is right are killed and through this the very important theme is shown mainly that when evil overbalances good a human can perform almost any inhuman act without thought.Right from the first meeting called by Ralph on the island there are conflicts that arise. Feelings of superiority and power cause a struggle as to who would be the chief in the society that the boys were beginning to form. Jack takes this decision to heart and so he resents most of the decisions made by Ralph and he eventually splits off and forms his own tribe of savages. The boys eventually all join this tribe except Piggy and Ralph. The larger number of boys in Jack's tribe mean that hey can hunt pigs and obtain all the food that they need while excluding the two outsiders. With the breakdown of one tribe and the forming of another the boys depend more on the belief of survival of the fittest. This belief is built upon on the night of the feast, as the boys believed that Simon was the beast but they did not fear attacking him, as they were a strong tribe.The breakdown of the simple society that the boys had formed progressed slowly at first but once it gained momentum there was nothing to stop Jack's tribe from completely living without remorse. When Ralph blows the conch for the first time to bring the survivors together the first order since the plane crash is brought to the group. Once the chief was decided Ralph began to bring order to the society by enforcing rules that would help the boys survive. The most vital...

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