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The Majestic Beauty And History Of The Taj Mahal

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A surplus amount of buildings all throughout the world make jaws drop because of the mind-blowing structures. Buildings do put people in awe and catch a person’s eye in just a second. Many buildings such as the Burj Khalifa, Statue of Liberty, and the Eiffel tower are all beautiful and famous pieces of architecture that just amazes society. Many pieces of architecture is beautiful. But, imagine going to Agra, India where a majestic building stands. A glorious white castle-like structure made with pure marble. This mesmerizing building is the Taj Mahal. Even though it was built in 1632, this building is in marvelous shape. The Taj is also one of the greatest wonders of the world for a couple ...view middle of the document...

Even though the Taj Mahal is a funeral, many people don't look at it like one. Society looks at the Taj Mahal like a beautiful building. The Taj Mahal is made out a white marble(Collins). It was built for a tribute to wife and their love they had. The Taj Mahal is more glorified than it is suppose to be(Collins). The Taj is made perfectly mirrored on each side(Collins). This white structure was engraved with gorgeous floral designs. 28 different types of precious stones and jewels embodied the famous structure. Stones and jewels such as jade, crystal, and sapphire bring definition to the Taj; making it unbelievably attractive. The Taj Mahal even changes to different colors(Collins). It was built to reflect the sky so the Taj appears to have a change in look. In the morning, the Taj is pinkish. In the evening, it milky white and golden by moonlight. The changing of colors are to suppose to represent the changing moods of a women. Inside the Taj, designs cover almost every last bit of the interior. Visitors can find passages from the Quran, which is the Islamic Holy Book, all over the inside of the Taj Mahal as decorations. Also, if one pays closely attention, the name of Allah in inscribed all throughout the Taj Mahal. Shah Jahan also put a mosque inside the building and minarets all on four sides for the Muslims and for him and his wife. Shah Jahan and Mahal Mumtaz practiced Islam, so therefore Jahan put a mosque because he believed that it will bring heaven on heart. The Taj Mahal holds so much beauty that about 4 million people come to visit the Taj Mahal every...

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