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It took about five to six years for a Woolly Mammoth Calf to wean from a mother (as cited in “Columbian Mammoth & Channel Island Mammoth”). Mammoths were interesting creatures. They roamed the earth for thousands of years. They even survived one of the greatest ice ages in Earth’s history. There were many different kinds of mammoths that evolved, and eventually, went extinct. When one studies the genus of mammuthus, they might want to look at interesting facts, the different species, how they evolved with their surroundings, and the theories of their extinction.
First, mammoths were an interesting animal. They lived all over the world. At the beginning, they lived in Eurasia and ...view middle of the document...

The smallest kinds of mammoths were the dwarf mammoths that stood only six feet tall (“About Mammoths”). The largest were the Steppe Mammoths which were about thirteen to fifteen feet tall (“10 Fascinating Facts about Woolly Mammoths”). These species were all unique, but they all started from the same beginning.
At first, mammoths ancestors lived in Africa and were adapted for tropical weather and were similar to modern elephants (“Mammoth evolution as a model for species origins”). says that the mammoth ancestors were the Pospatherium, which was a pig-sized herbivore. They lived about sixty million years ago in Africa (“Historic Elephants”). It wasn’t till about 3 million years ago that the mammoths began to spread to the northern hemisphere (“Mammoth evolution as a model for species origins”). Since mammoths evolved to live all around the world, it is a mystery as to why they all went extinct.
There are multiple theories as to the demise of the mammoths. One theory was the effects of climate change. Since the continents were shifting, the climates changed and even brought one of the largest ice ages of Earth’s history. The mammoths survived the ice age, but they then died when the earth began to warm up (“Climate Change Wiped Out Woolly Mammoths, Saber-Toothed Cats”). Another popular theory is the arrival of humans. Humans hunted the mammoths and possibly made them go extinct. The mammoths would have been defensless to the new problems as they were used to being the “top dogs”. The other theory of extinction was changing vegetation. The mammoths couldn’t evolve as quickly as the grasses were changing; therefore, they began to run out of food to support themselves (“Extinction of large mammals in the Late Quaternary Ice Age”). Any of these three theories have evidence that they could be the reason the mammoths went extinct.
Mammoths were interesting creatures. There were multiple different species in the mammuthus genius, and most of them evolved and all mammoths eventually died. They survived tough artic conditions for thousands of years, and they only began to die off when the temperature began to rise. Mammoths are a mystery that may never be solved. They lived and died amongst our human...

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