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The Making Of America Essay

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Throughout the colonial period, what were the factors that hindered or promoted a sense of national identity? At what point did nationalism become a major influence and why?

The making of America; many factors that promoted the national identity began with the very first colonist that came to North America. In our primary text, it describes around the late 17th century the British Government established a board to govern the trade of the kingdom. Its purpose was to manage the colonies and plantations around America and other locations (Reich, 2011, p. 104). Furthermore once this was established colonies became more decentralized and began to govern themselves, slowly becoming Americanized, setting the stage for revolution. Many of the factors that set the stage for revolution took years of developing, the time it took and generations of work that eventually manifested in the American Revolution (Reich, 2011, p. 264), (Brinkley, 2010, p. 100). The factors that lead down the road to revolution and a national identity are religion, separate unregulated freedom to worship (Reich, 2011, p. 265). Also, the proclamation of 1763, that regulated where colonist could not migrate and expand past the Appalachian mountains within the land where they could etch out a living (Reich, 2011, p. 265). Another, struggle was between trade and tax with the British government with the sugar, stamp, and currency acts. Furthermore, the pressure of the Townshend acts incited tremendous pressure on the colonies revenues (Reich, 2011, pg. 266-267). Until the major wars that took place between the World powers, England, France, and Spain concluded, it was determined that the American colonists began to realize they were funding someone else’s war debts. The Articles of confederation and the first Continental congress were the first glimpse of our American national Identity (Reich, 2011, p. 264) (Brinkley, 2010, pg. 101-103). Until the battles of Lexington and Concord took place did Americans relies that independence was in reach.

Discuss the extent to which African-Americans were able to develop a separate sense of community during the colonial period. Provide specific examples from your reading.

The African American experience is one that I can only imagine, a circumstance that is not possible to comprehend. This transition was from servants to slavery that was in direct correlation to the shortage of labor in America (Brinkley, 2010, p.64). This shortage was evident at the first moments of colonization and the demand for workers in North America helped spur the trade of goods as well as the slave trade. One point is clear the African slave was a strong individual that was capable of any task given, even looking back centuries before the colonization of North America, you will find slaves accompanying the Spanish and French explorations (Nash, 2010, p. 144). The segregation and separation of the African culture is very evident within the colonies...

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