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The Making Of The Long Island Rail Road

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This essay will encounter The Long Island Rail Road first years making. The rail road was developed because the rail roads planners wanted to expand a way to get to Boston. In order for this view to happen, the service needed to make rail-road through Long Island, so they made the LIRR with the help of legislature supplying the money with 1,500,000$. This caused for New York or Brooklyn to be linked to Boston. Even though the money was good start for making the rail road, it was still very difficult to make so they to find ways to make it more efficient.
Adjustment such as the Ferry stop, and the Boston trip help improve the trip through lirr. Another improvement of the lir was the making of the road beds. Similar to the road beds, The rail road service used the dummy train and improved locomotives to increase the railroads production. The rail road going through Deer Park, services needed to make adjustment.
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Similar to the example above, the the choices of road beds was another example of the improvement with productivity with the railroad. The rail road service made choices of the road beds from Jamaica to GreenPort such as the northern coast, north central route, and the southern route which help make the lir more organized. The southern route was made because it was the least difficult because it was the quickest to build to save time for efficiency. The road beds help make the road better with the ability to go through
Contrast to the road beds, the small dummy train help improve the LIRR trip. The small dummy train which is a a wooden box train that resembles the rail roads travelers seats was used by the lir service for productivity with shuttling travelers, and taking English coaches. The train would sometimes stop at side track to wait for the arrival of the up train which also helped allow the travelers look around the plains. The service also had a conductor raining a bell which showed the train driver to know that the travelers are in the train safely which caused the train to move quicker and be safer. The Rail Road had a stoping _place at Deer Park because there were too many deers around. The LIRR had locomotives and rails that were the best kind around during the time period. As shown above the rail road service had adjustment that help the LIRR be more efficient.
Even though the rail road service attempted to make the rail road better, later on the LIRR efficiency began to decline day by day. Horrific fires was terrible part of the rail roads era, fires would start in the island caused by locomotives that went through woodland, pine barrens, killing at lumbers, barns, timberland,wildlife, and life stock. This also caused for voilence in the island. The service tried to fix it but failed which made people so angry that they tore up the track of Yaphonk to river head that caused accidents. For example, the boston train ran off the track of Terry's cut. With the rail road service have a difficult time paying the bills with not realizing that the price of the roads and the expanses be lot more expensive than they thought so they made no profit.

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