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The Makings Of A Killer: The Story Of Henry Lee Lucas

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Oliver Stone once stated, “The line between thinking murder and committing murder is very thin” (Murder Quotes). While the line is thin, many have crossed it and have done so to such an extent they have been labeled as a serial killer. A serial killer is defined as one who carries out a series of murders over an extended period of time. One of the names that rise to the top of the list is none other than Henry Lee Lucas. Lucas was notorious for his series of rape and murders both alone and with his partner in crime: Ottis Toole. While Lucas spent most of his life in and out of jail for being linked to murders, he would continually be released for lack of evidence or good behavior. After finally being convicted and sentenced for life, Lucas admitted to a number of murders that surprised most authorities. Henry Lee Lucas eventually confessed to an alleged 500 murders. While many are bewildered by the actions of Henry Lee Lucas, there is always some explanation for the things he did and the reasons for which he did them. Many theories have been stated, but the biggest influence is his abusive and neglectful childhood that left him scarred for life.
Henry Lee Lucas was born on August 23, 1936 to Anderson and Viola Lucas. He was born in the small town of Blacksburg, Virginia, which rested in the Appalachian Mountains. Shortly after birth his father, Anderson, lost both legs in a drunken driving accident. This left his mother, Viola, as the sole source of income in the house. While forced to share a minute two-room log cabin with eight siblings for the early part of his life, Henry’s siblings were quickly famed out to distant relatives leaving just his half-brother and him to be forced reside with his abusive mother. To make money, Lucas’ mother became a prostitute and his father began brewing bootleg whisky to supplement the family’s meager income. However, soon after beginning Anderson began to consume more than he sold. Meanwhile, Henry’s mother moved her lover and pimp, a man named Bernie, into the family home who also began to abuse Henry. On top of the abuse, his mother would force her boys to observe her having sex with a succession of strangers while providing absolutely no physical or emotional nurturing. One of the many factors that helped mold Lucas into who he became was his mother’s belief that the sole purpose of her children was to do her bidding. While his mother was abusive, Lucas’ disabled father gave the young boy what little comfort he could, but was generally as brutalized as his son. As Lucas got older, his mother’s sadistic nature took a turn for the worse. She would inexplicably force Henry into girls’ clothing, curling his hair, and dressing him in makeup to send him to school where he would suffer mockery from his schoolmates. On multiple occasions, teachers would attempt to intervene; however, Viola would make it clear that she would raise Lucas her own way. Therefore, life would go on for Henry Lucas and would be regularly...

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