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The Maldives: a group of islands just off Sri Lanka in the Indian Ocean. This tropical paradise sees thousands of tourists visiting its shores per year. There is just one problem: the highest point of the Maldives is just six feet above sea level, which means that any rise in water level at all would spell disaster for the 1,190 islands and their inhabitants. That is why for the last decade or so the Maldives president Mohamed Nasheed worked vigorously in the fight against global warming while overcoming the tyranny of the previous government. Although this could be the end of this beautiful country Nasheed is not giving up yet.
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He was arrested and taken to Dhoonidhoo prison. Nasheed refused to cooperate so they put him in a solitary confinement cell just five by three feet where he spent eighteen months without seeing another human being. Nasheed was arrested another 11 times in the next twenty years, and on those occasions he was tortured twice.
In 2003 a young boy was arrested and tortured to death. His mother pleaded for the body and put it out for everyone to see the tyranny that had been inflicted. This started riots and Gayoom was forced to release many of the prisoners including Nasheed.
Nasheed knew he had to take action. He left and formed a democratic party known as the MDP (Maldives Democratic Party). In April of 2005 Nasheed returned to protest for an election. The protests went on for a while until Gayoom finally relented, but he was still confident that he would win. Nasheed went campaigning door to door relentlessly pushing for democracy. Finally the day of the election, October 28, 2008, Nasheed and the MDP won with 53% of the votes. This was a huge victory not only for Nasheed but also for the citizens of the Maldives.
Nasheed and the MDP were now in control and ready to make changes. At some of their first meetings they noticed one immediate problem: global warming and sea levels rising is slowly causing the islands to sink. This is not the only place this is happening. Other countries are losing their coastlines, however what makes the Maldives special is if the they went under the country would lose its identity for good. Nasheed’s goal is to save every island from this fate and do it with the Maldives own resources.
One area that is eroding in particular is called Hithadhoo. Here, almost five meters of beachfront has been lost. Global warming is causing monsoon seasons to last much longer, eroding much quicker.
Nasheed now knew he had to take quick action. He announced the Maldives plan to be 100% carbon neutral (to not contribute to carbon output) by 2020. To do this they have to focus on using renewable energy such as solar and not burning fossil fuels. However just one country doing this will not prevent the sea level from rising. Nasheed had to find a way to convince other countries to cut back on their carbon emissions. In...

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