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The Male Reproductive System Essay

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The male reproductive system is a set of organs that works together to produce sperm which will later in life fertilize females eggs. The testes are the most important part of the system because it produces sperm cells. It is similar and looks similar to ovaries of a female’s reproductive system because it also holds what they need to reproduce. Its job is to produce the sperm cells needed to reproduce. Due to hormonal imbalances the production of sperm cells may not even be possible in some males. Testosterone is the male the hormone that gives men there manly characteristics. It is made up of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen with a white color. In the male body it helps develop sex organs, a deeper voice, and facial hair (Khalid, 2013). Cancer or a genetic disorder in males is the most common thing that cause the reductions of testosterone production in the body. Behind the testes is the epididymis which lets sperm go ...view middle of the document...

Congenital Absence of Vas Deferens is a disease that can be caught that would allow the male not to have any way for the sperm to leave his epididymis. Semen is a thick fluid that contains sperm and comes out during ejaculation (Dictionary, 2014). It is a milk-ish color and contains hundreds of sperm cells. Its job is to make its way up the females vagina and fertilize the egg. Due to a genetic problem the male may have fertility issues and the sperm may never be able to fertilize the egg. The sperm or a males reproductive cell is shaped like the lowercase letter “I”. The head which is the top stores genetic information, while the back has needed proteins. The function of the sperm is to come apart from the semen and race its way up to the female’s egg and fertilize it. If the sperm count is low then it causes the male to be infertile. The prostate is the gland that surrounds the male’s bladder (Dictionary, 2014). Is the same size as a nut and sits right below the bladder. Its job is to help out during ejaculation and produce fluids that helps nourishes sperm so that it is protected in the females vagina (WebMD, 2002). Usually in older men they get prostate cancer which stops them from produces sperm. In the males system, the urethra is a tube that lets out urine. It is longer than the female tube and more muscular. Its job is to let out the urine held in the bladder. The only problem that can go wrong is the prostate growing to big with blocks the urine passage. The penis, has two parts the shaft and the glans it is the most common male genital organ and is the carrier of sperm during intercourse (Dictionary, 2014). It looks like a bigger representation of the sperm cells because the penis also has a head. The function of the penis is to be the way sperm and urine leaves he body. If not washed properly or if having unprotected sex it is easy for the male to catch genital warts. The bladder is the organ that holds the urine. It sits right on top of the prostate and is a decent size. Its job is to hold the urine filled with bad vitamins until the male is ready to let it out. Depending on the males genes he could contract bladder cancer, which would cause malfunction in the bladder.

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