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Bram Stoker’s Dracula is a story of horror, suspense, and repulsion. The main antagonist, Count Dracula, is depicted as an evil, repulsive creature that ends and perverts life to keep himself alive and youthful. To most onlookers that may be the case, but most people fail to see one crucial element to this character. Dracula is a character that, though it may be long gone, was once human, and thus has many human emotions and motives still within him. Let us delve into these emotions of a historically based monster.
Bram Stoker, our author, was born in Clontarf (an area near Dublin), Ireland in early November of 1847. He was accomplished in many fields, including athletics, but he was, ...view middle of the document...

Dracula literally means “Son of Dracul”, or “Son of the Dragon”. His father held throne in Wallachia, a kingdom in Romania, until 1442, when Turkish forces invaded Transylvania. Tepes and his brother were sent to the Turkish Sultan as ‘official’ hostages a year later, for education in change for loyalty to the Sultan. During a war with Hungary in 1447, Vlad II Dracul (Dracula’s father) and Tepes’s eldest brother were killed by Hungarian assassins. Wallachia was ruled by Hungary, and the Turks released and gave Tepes an army in order to capture Wallachia. He held the throne for two months before being forced to run away. He then abandoned Turkish ties and appealed to Hungary to become Prince of Wallachia. His following rule, though bloody, brought Romania together like never before. He was made famous by his rule as well since his name “Vlad the Impaler” came during this rule. He got this name from his use of torture as punishment; his ‘favorite’ act being using a large wooden stake to impale criminals from the groin to the mouth. Soon war began again with Turkey and Hungary, and he was removed and regained the throne a third time before he was killed in a war with the Turks, his head sent to the sultan as proof of his death.
Stoker used this historical basis to build Count Dracula, the now vampirised Vlad III Tepes. It would have been many years since Tepes’s rule over Wallachia, and he would have to hide in Transylvania discretely. As a few centuries passed, we can assume things were relatively tame for the Impaler, as he was no longer battling the Turks and impaling their still live men upon wooden stakes. He grew bored with Transylvania and began looking for a new place to go, a place where he could once again feel the life of battle. This led him to study Britain, and more specifically London. He, as he says in the book “long… to be in the midst of the whirl and rush of humanity, to share its life, its change, its...

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