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The Man Eating Hamburger. Essay

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Hi, my names Johnny Romero, I used to work at Mc-Donald's until something very strange happened. It was a bright Sunday morning, I was riding my bike down the street to where I work. As I arrived I was greeted by my bosses gruff voice, "hurry up Johnny you lazy pig, your 10 minutes late". I mumbled a reply and started putting on my work clothes and hairnet.It was very busy today, crowds of hungry people were lined up at the counter and the kitchen was in chaos. Everyone working was trying to do things as fast as they could but they had thrown any care about how the food is prepared out the window. Customers were coming back to tell us that the meals were not good enough.The boss put me in charge of cooking the burgers, it was the only job that I was good at. Last time he put me at the counter I gave a lady a twenty-dollar note instead of a five, I'm not very good at maths. Orders were pouring in and I was trying to cook as fast as I could. I was in the middle of putting the grilled beef patty on the bread when I felt a slight nibble on my right hand. I pulled my hand away automatically and looked around, no sign of anything. I went to manager's office and told him that there was a rat in the kitchen and went back to work.My shift was nearly over when a lady came screaming through the entrance, at first I thought she'd found a cockroach or something in her burger but when she started crying I changed my mind. The manager asked me to go and talk to her. I reluctantly walked out to her and asked her what was wrong. She burst into tears and asked me to follow her.I agreed and soon I was sprinting down Canning Highway after her. She stopped suddenly when we came to a small alleyway. As my eyes adjusted to the dim light of the alleyway I met the most terrifying sight I had ever seen in my life. It was an over-sized quarter pounder about the size of a soccer-ball. It was latched onto a man in his late 30 and was biting ferociously at him.After each bite it seemed to be getting bigger and bigger. By the time he was about the size of a barbecue it opened it's mouth and gulped the man down. The desperate woman screamed and threw herself at the burger. The burger didn't hesitate and gulped her down in one go too, then he burped and came after me.I was frozen in terror but I managed to come too my senses just in time before it reached me. I ran back to Mc-Donald's as fast as I could, as soon as I got there I tried to tell the manager about the horrible monster. The manager thought I was crazy and sacked me, I didn't blame him, if I didn't see it I would never of believed it.When I got home I decided...

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