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The Management And Marketing Strategies Of Cosco

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SUMMARYCOSCO has made two major reforms in the system of shipping operation since 1993 in accordance with the principles and policies laid down by the government of China regarding the reform of big and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, taking into consideration the trend of development of international shipping market and what is required by the development of Cosco itself. (Wei Jiafu, 1999) The purpose of the reform is to establish a system of management and operation that is characterized by the "integration of operation and management" and "integration of operation and marketing on global basis" thereby enabling the core business of COSCO, i.e. shipping to become more market-oriented, to improve its service standard and to sharpen its competitive edge.Their mission statement outlines that they aim "To be a world leader in shipping and logistics services by maintaining trustworthy relationships with our customers, employees and partners, our ever-lasting promise is to provide best services to our clients and maximize returns to our shareholders, our eternal belief is to build up an image of credibility and reliability…Insist on honesty, pursue for excellence, and enable COSCO group to create a world's renowned brand while providing high quality products and services to customers."In this case study we will present the management and marketing strategies of COSCO which made it an international giant, and its logo is widely recognized around the world. At the beginning we briefly state the past and present of COSCO. Then, on section 2 the management strategies are analyzed. On section 3 the marketing strategies are discussed through examples found on COSCO's website. The conclusion highlights briefly the most important strategies.LIST OF CONTENTS1.COSCO: past and presentpage 32.Management strategiespage 32.1.Decision - making managementpage 42.2.Objective Management page 42.3.Enterprise Risk Managementpage 42.4.Lean Managementpage 52.5.Quality Management System ISO 9001page 52.6.Environmental Management System ISO 14001page 52.7.OHSAS 18000 Occupation Health & Safety Systempage 62.8.International Safety Management (ISM) Codepage 63.Marketing Strategiespage 73.1.Service strategypage 83.2.Promotion strategy page 83.3.People strategypage 83.4.Process strategypage 83.5.Price strategypage 93.6.Place strategypage 93.7.Physical Evidence strategypage 93.8.Paperless Trade strategypage 94.Conclusionpage 105.Referencespage 111. COSCO: Past and PresentFounded on April 27, 1961 as the pioneer of international shipping carrier in China, together with the reconstruction of national transportation resources on February 16, 1993, China Ocean Shipping (Group) Company (COSCO) has grown into a $17 billion corporation by clearly focusing on the goal of enabling commerce around the globe. Nowadays, it is an international giant, specializing in shipping and modern logistics, serving as a shipping agency and providing with services in freight forwarding,...

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