The Management Of A Small And Large Business

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Developing A Small BusinessThe management of a small business is really the same as the management of a large one. Discuss with examples.Management is important in any organisation whether it is considered to be small, medium or large, as it is needed wherever people work together for a common purpose. Management is best seen as a unifying resource that brings together all resources (people, material, machines, money) used by the organisation so that the objectives of the organisation are achieved efficiently and effectively.This report will examine whether the management of a small business is really the same as the management of a large one. This can be established through exploring the organisation's structure and culture, the role of a manager, the management theories, the leadership skills used, and the way communication flows within the organisations.Management in Small and Large OrganisationsAll firms, whether a small firm employing less than 50 people with a small share of the market or a large firm employing more than 300 people with a generally large turnover and an established market share , are constantly seeking effective managers. Good managers make effective use of the organisation's resources and motivate the staff, which both the large and small firms try to achieve. They provide vision and direction and are therefore a key element of business success. A successful management will have a combination of highly developed planning strategies, excellent organising systems, motivated and committed staffing, and finally an enhanced directing and controlling culture . However when comparing a large firm to a small business, it is seen that a large firm follows a more formal approach to achieving its targets. In both organisations, the managers will firstly set a plan to set goals, targets, strategies and objectives for the business, regardless of the organisation's size. It is important to know that in large businesses, a specific manager or management team will be focusing on the planning aspect of the firm as it is essential for developing a firm's potential. However, a small business may not need to formulate a separate department for planning due to the small number of people involved in operating the business as equal responsibilities in the planning and decision making process are made. Nevertheless, the need for planning is as important in a small business as it is in a large one.Organising and DelegatingManagers will then need to organise and delegate tasks to different employees, as well as training and promote them to reach their goals. This process, in a large organisation, is usually made through separate managers of different departments to delegate tasks to his own employees. However in a small company, only one or two managers will need to assign tasks to all members of the organisations, as there are only a limited number of people working for them as apposed to a large firm with hundreds and hundreds of...

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