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The Manhattan Project Essay

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On August 2, 1939 Franklin D. Roosevelt received a letter from the famous, German physicist Albert Einstein. It stated and explained the potential of using uranium as a weapon of mass destruction, and that the United States would be wise to begin funding a project for this (Kross). Franklin D. Roosevelt didn't see a need to start full force on a project like this until after the attack on Pearl Harbor. After Congress declares on both Japan and Germany, Franklin D. Roosevelt puts General Leslie R. Groves in charge of the project. Groves named the project: "So that top-secret endeavor to build the atomic bomb got the most boring of cover names: The Manhattan Engineer District, in time ...view middle of the document...

That number also includes the women and blacks that were involved. The whole point to the Manhattan Project was to end World War Two and possibly end all wars in the future.
The Manhattan Project was started so World War Two could end which would save American lives. Also the atomic bomb was new technology that no other country had. The man power, materials and knowledge made America capable of building a weapon of mass destruction in hope to end this war and all future wars. Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president that started this project. He was all for the idea of it and what it could do. However, before the bomb was fully built Franklin D. Roosevelt died:" On the day Franklin D. Roosevelt died Henry Stimson, the current secretary of war at the time, told Henry S. Truman about the Manhattan Project for the first time because Franklin D. Roosevelt only told the people that needed to know" (Kross). When the news of his death reached Los Alamos, everyone freaked out and didn't know what was going to happen (Kelly 184). After this Oppenhienmer smiled and said, "You know I'm constantly surprised at security's being surprised when something secret is kept secret"(Kelly 186). Even though Franklin D. Roosevelt died, the project kept moving along. Soon it was time to conduct the first test. After the explosion of the test, everyone present was told to write about the experience:"The event turned the scientists and soldiers into poets as they set about the task of applying words to the indescribable"(Crease). After the first test, some people were put in charge of finding when and where to drop the bombs on Japan. When both bombs, little boy and fat man, were dropped on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the war ended in the mass destruction of Japan. Although this new technology lead to mass destruction, the science of it has lead to many new discoveries. The atomic bomb changed science, research and weapons:"Because of the Manhattan Project several changes have happened, important both internationally and nationally"(Crease). The Manhattan Project affected America in the fields of science and technology as well as government and morality.
As a result of building the first atomic bomb, many things have been impacted. For example, science and scientific research. After World War Two, the next few years were mainly dedicated to helping the scientific research effort in America to grow in size and strength:"This investment would help name the United States the world's leader in such fields as computer science, genetics, and space travel"(Jarmul). Because of the Manhattan Project the research for science had improved immensely and in the years that followed," American science would grow beyond the wildest dreams of Vannevar Bush or the other scientists who worked during world war two"(Jarmul). The research and development of science after world war two and grown and many government foundations and organizations were formed. By the 1946 the office...

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