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The Manipulation Of A Story Essay

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A system that uses three human beings that are able to see into the future; predict a murder and the justice system could use this to their advantage to prevent the crime from happening seems like the perfect system or is it? Where would the flaws come into play in this system? Could the predictions from the gifted future seeing prophecies be just be a mere thought, or could the system be corrupt by humans intervening with data? The short story The Minority Report and the action film Minority Report both come face the challenge of their police’s office chief commissioner John Anderton were both setup an force to either be falsely arrested for a murder of killing a man that Anderton didn’t ...view middle of the document...

“I’m getting bald. Bald and fat and old (Dick1).” John Anderton felt threatened by his replacement and did not want to give up his job anytime soon. “I founded Pre-Crime and I can stay as long as I want (Dick 141).”
The day Witwer arrived to the office a card was printed with Anderton’s name on it; Anderton instantly felt the justice system that he created and felt was never wrong had made a mistake and that he was being set-up. “I’m being framed- deliberately and maliciously (Dick 124).” He didn’t know he could trust and became paranoid of everyone around him; Anderton’s wife even became a prime suspect in the mind of the paranoid chief’s mind. She noticed him acting erotically and told him, “Good heavens, you’re suspicious of everybody (Dick 125).” Eventually, Anderton became public enemy number one and was on the run until he was able to prove his innocence. Also, in the short story John Anderton had met the man he was supposed to kill, a man named Leopold Kaplan who Anderton didn’t even know. Kaplan plays a key role in the story because he is a general in the U.S. army and is also the master-mind who originated and organized the scheme to set John Anderton up, but have a trusted soldier in his army to help Anderton justify is innocence. By helping Anderton prove that he is not guilty without Anderton knowing he would be able to validate that Precrime has unlawfully taking citizens into custody and incarcerating the people for a crime that hasn’t been committed. Anderton figured out the plan and ended up killing Kaplan in order prove that his system does work and should continue operate and to be the system that apprehends criminals for murder.
Minority Report the film takes place in the United States capital where the Precrime system created by Iris Hineman. “But you created Pre-Crime (Anderton).” Precrime is...

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