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The Manipulation Of Natural Resources Essay

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There is an ongoing war between first and third-world countries. Countless numbers of resources were taken from the periphery, but these resources were never completely returned. As First World countries prosper, Third World countries are undergoing poverty and environmental degradation. Despite all the destruction, natural resources from the periphery fabricate new technology and advances in core countries (Africa: Resources). For example, smartphones are products of natural resource utilization, whereas deforestation is the result of natural resource exploitation in the peripheries. The manipulations of natural resources in Third World countries negatively impact the surrounding environment and people, and positively influence new aid in human technology.
From Sub-Saharan Africa to Mexico, people are living on an income of $2.50 per day. In these countries, the infant mortality rate is twice as high as the crude birth rate. Parents cannot provide food, shelter, or education for their children. The inability of parents to provide the essentials for their children results in children with malnutrition, diseases, and formation of gangs (Causes of Poverty). The production of cash crops for core countries is a major factor of poverty in the periphery. Cash crops are produced mainly for export, but the amount of money from cash crops is not substantial enough to feed the people. Unequal distribution of natural resources, such as cash crops, causes a huge gap between the rich and the poor. Africa has an abundance of oil, diamond, and many other minerals, unlike the fully industrialized countries such as Japan or America. First World countries exploit Africa’s natural resources; subsequently the government is unable to provide adequate shelter or education for their people (Food and Agriculture). Nigeria, home to oil and natural gas, attracts many First World oil companies. These companies hire guerrillas to steal oil from Nigeria’s reservoir. Ethnic minorities claim that foreign companies keep most of the wealth from oil exports, while Nigerians suffer from underpaid labor (Africa: Resources). Core country manipulation of natural resources is unfair and is a cause of extreme poverty in Third World countries.
Since the nineteenth century, less developed countries experienced rapid industrialization from First World colonist (Environmental Crisis). Core countries continue to take resources from Third World countries, well aware of the destruction of wildlife and land (Nutrient Balances at Farm Level). Industrialization leads to desertification and animal extinction (Africa: Resources). Analysis on soil in Africa shows that the soil is lacking in nutrients because of increasing industrialization and growing factories (Environmental Crisis). Many countries around the world are affected by desertification, especially in the periphery countries. Desertification is a threat in Chile because about 20.1% of deserted land in South America is located in...

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