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The Manipulation Of The Media Essay

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Watching the average American is a lot like watching Homer Simpson. There is an episode of the television show the Simpsons where someone, probably Bart places a Twinkie in the backyard. The Twinkie is rigged to electrocute anyone who touches it. Homer loves Twinkies and he just can’t resist them. So for the next several hours we hear a shocking noise followed by Homer’s trademark D'oh. Poor Homer is just not smart enough to keep from getting shocked over and over again. Perhaps the reason that Homer is one of America’s favorite stars aside from his outstanding acting ability is that we can relate to his predicament. The press or a least the television news is a lot like the electric Twinkie, we want it, yet it continues to bite us. We are not smart enough to see it for what is really is.
The media is a business and today with cable news blasting into our lives every minute of the day in more every nation it is a mega business. We erroneously see them as a public service or as providers as the whole truth, whereas it’s really designed to keep us tuned in long enough to run several commercials. The sole function of the news is to sell products.
Keeping this in mind the news services at least the cable services have become designer agencies catering to the political predisposition, susceptibility, and propensities of this chosen viewers our perhaps a better term is cliental. We need to understand that the press is not interested in the truth; the press is interested in selling advertisements. If you really want to understand a news channels standpoint pay attention to the advertisements. Fox advertises beer, frozen vegetables, Volkswagen Jettas and easy credit companies while CNN peddles trips to the Caribbean, expensive perfumes, and higher end autos. It is all about marketing.
For the propose of this exercise I watched the CBS evening News as the National Evening News selection, CNN news as the cable selection , Countdown, and The O’Reilley factor as the cable commentaries. I must admit from the beginning that I am an Obama voter and a liberal, therefore watching the O’Reilley factor was cruel and unusual punishment thank you though for not requiring me to watch Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh. I watched toward the conclusion of the uprising in Egypt just prior to and just after the resignation of the Egyptian President. Over all CNN led the coverage with round the clock coverage. While the CBS evening news ran mostly during the regular news hour. This should not be construed as a failure for CBS as its mission is totally different as CBS is not a news station.
In addition to the historical story of the Egyptian revolt much of the CBS coverage was dedicated to the massive snow storms throughout the United States. As usual much of the coverage was based on the effect to the greater New York City area and Washington D.C. the major non cable networks of C.B.S. like A.B.C. and N.B.C. fails to understand that there is live outside of these...

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