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The Mann/Chinese Theatre (Colorado) Essay

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The Chinese Theatre is a one if a kind theatre. Most people can say they never seen anything like it before. Some people might even say it is the best theatre in Colorado.The Mann Theatre built the Chinese Theatre, which then sold the theatre to the company called Colorado Cinema. The Mann Theatre had this idea that every theatre architecture and theme will be different, and they accomplished it hear.The ...view middle of the document...

The polls of the box office are a golden brown and have this dragonhead on the top. The box is red with a black trim around the windows, and the windows are mostly white and it is plastic.If the customer turns around to face the entrance and looks up above the doors, that person will see a wonderful painting. It is a dessert with an orange sky, and the trees have very little leaves. This follows along the wall until it hits about three fourths of the way into the lobby. Covering the lobby flour is a beautiful red carpet with a dragon print as the design. This carpet goes down the hall, into the theatres, and up the sides of the stairs. The concession stand, or the food court, in the lobby is just like the box office. The only difference is the poles are red and they have man faces instead of dragonheads. Even thought there are no special food or traditions, every customer leaves their happy.All in all, this theatre is unique, and everyone should be able to see it once in there lifetime.

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