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The Many Aspects To Consider In An Athletic Training Program

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Have you ever noticed the person that runs on to the field when your favorite athlete is down? He/she may have a fanny pack around their body, a water bottle in hand and a towel over their shoulder. That individual is an athletic trainer. Athletic trainers are dedicated to helping athletes. For an athletic trainer to perform at their best they need an athletic training room that accommodates their needs. To start an athletic training room a few items need to be determined, these include policies and procedures, supply budget, design of the athletic training room, legal considerations and documentation.
The first step in beginning an athletic training program is determining why a program is needed and what the goals of the program should be. Once this is complete an athletic training program must develop policies and procedures that state what the daily duties of the program are. Policies are written statements that identify the basic rules used to make decision making. Procedures provide specific interpretations of the incremental steps that direct the most important steps of the athletic training program (Developing in Athletic). The best way to communicate policies and procedures is to make a handbook that contains them. This serves as a legal foundation of action as long as it is based on current guidelines and research. Some examples of policies and procedures are about insurance, drug testing, concussions, inclement weather and emergency action planning protocols. The National Athletic Trainers’ Association has many position statements that support the needs for so many policies and procedures based on research (Anderson).
A budget that allows for athletic trainer to perform at their best is hard due to insufficient size. There are six different types of budgets, zero-based, fixed, variable, lump-sum, line-item and performance. Zero-based budgeting means that every expense must be justified without reference to previous spending patterns. Fixed budgeting projects both expenditures and income on a month-to-month basis throughout the year. This type of budgeting is not typically used in school athletic training programs because most programs are not income oriented. Variable budgeting adjusts expenditure according to revenue over a period of time. Lump-sum budgeting allows for the parent organization to provide a fixed sum of money and authority to spend that money as seen fit. This is the best form of budgeting for athletic trainers because it allows them the freedom to spend money where it is needed. Line-item budgeting allows the parent organization to monitor closely what athletic trainers want to purchase. Athletic trainers list anticipated expenditures for specific categories that they want to purchase. Performance budgeting breaks the functions of an athletic training program into specific activities and appropriates the funds necessary to accomplish these activities. Next the expenses for each activity are calculated to determine...

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