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The Many Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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Have you eaten any dairy products lately? If so, theres a large chance you have eaten genetically modified foods without even knowing it. About 70- 80% of all food are genetically modified in the United States (Williams). Genetically modified foods benefit us, economically, environmentally, and health wise. Although they may present health problems, no proof has been shown.
GMOs are very new to our world. There have been many protests against them lately as they continue to expand and feed our growing population. European environmental organizations and public groups have been against it for months. The U.S Food and Drug Administration also began worrying about GMOs after recent effects on monarch butterfly caterpillars were controversial. They have held three meeting to discuss GMOs and to begin “establishing a new regulatory procedure for government approval of GM foods”(Whitman 1).
GMOs offer many benefits that will help health worldwide. Many GMOs help bring more food to the world, increasing everyones health.With so many crops being lost due to insect pests, genetically modified foods that are pest resistance allows farmers to stop using chemical pesticides and bring in more crops each year. Plants that have an anti-freeze gene allow them to withstand cold temperatures instead of killing them (Whitman 2). Crops have also been altered to grow in previously unsuited locations, therefore letting more crops become harvested (Whitman 3). Plants also are being genetically engineered to fight plant viruses also resulting in more food for everyone (Whitman 2).
GMOs also offer other help benefits to third world countries. Researchers are trying to make edible vacines in tomatoes and potatoes which will be easier to ship and administer. With most medicines and vaccines being costly to produce, these edible ones will be available and cheap for third world countries. Food is also being genetically modified to have more nutrition so people in third world countries will be healthier and live longer (Whitman 3).
Genetically modified foods also benefit us economically. With crops being modified to kill weeds by itself, weed killing spray is no longer needed, which saves a lot of money (Whitman 2). Salmon that is “engineered” to grow faster can help America’s fish farming business. This will save money because farm-raised fish is very expensive (Greenwood).

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