The Benefits Of Local Farming Essay

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It used to be that fine dining establishments featured imported ingredients on the menu. These days, many chefs in high quality restaurants take pride in featuring locally grown, seasonal items. Even some large chain grocery stores now offer meat and produce from local farms. While most Americans probably would not feel the need to be as close to their meat as Makenna Goodman describes in “Ever Wonder if You Could Kill What You Eat? We Did the Other Night”, there is growing support for Goodman’s ideas that being closer to the food results in better food quality (246). Many Americans seem to concur, as they are now willing to pay more for locally grown and organically raised food. Having seen countless local farms plowed under to become housing developments or shopping malls, and having dealt with several epidemics of tainted food, Americans are more conscious of the ‘support your local farmer’ movement. If this new ‘food fashion’ continues to grow in popularity, it will help strengthen local farms that in past years have suffered at the expense of large commercial farming enterprises. According to Michael Pollan federal policy has promoted industrial agriculture, or agribusiness, since the Nixon era in the belief that keeping food costs low by obtaining maximum production of commodity crops (corn, soybeans, wheat, and rice) was in the best interest of the national political agenda (186). In “Farmer in Chief”, Pollan asks President Obama to change federal policy and instead promote local farming, asserting that how Americans grow, process, and eat food impacts the health care crisis, energy independence, and climate change (187). Goodman, Pollan, and others agree that more local, small-scale, farming will be better for the nation’s health, will help reduce consumption of fossil fuel, and will be better for the environment than agribusiness.
Goodman believes it is important for people to know where food comes from: “that meat does not simply fall from the sky, packaged on a shelf in a supermarket; it comes from a living, breathing being” (246). Goodman stresses it is important to know how the animal “lived”; that food labels don’t give the whole story about how the food was raised or what it was fed; even though a label may say local or organic, a chicken may have been raised next door but still have been raised in a cage or pumped with feed (248). Knowing where food comes from does not require everyone to have chickens wandering around the back-yard, nor does it require that everyone be willing to slaughter his or her own meat. Knowing where food comes from can be as simple as having the ability to buy food that was raised in one’s proverbial back-yard by farmers who are a trusted part of the community. Local farmers depend on their reputation: selling inferior quality products or rumors about poor treatment of animals can quickly bring an end to the livelihood of a small-scale farmer. Moreover, farmers who live on or...

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