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The Benefits Of Shopping Online Essay

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The Benefits of Shopping Online

As my fingers flutter the mouse across my computer screen, my mind is wondering in one-hundred different directions. I had just found out earlier at my sorority’s chapter meeting that we were having a semi-formal in approximately a month. Who could I invite? There’s that intelligent actor I met, no, he has a fiancé. What about the guitar player in my statistics class, no, I don’t really know him. What about that cute blue-eyed boy? He’d make a wonderful date because he is fun to be around and a great dancer. Would he go? More importantly, what am I going to wear?

I click on Internet Explorer and type in browser asks if I am trying to reach I click on the link and am brought to the title page. I click “shop A&F” and point to the women’s section. Links come up for various categories: shirts, skirts, shorts, jeans, accessories, et cetera. I love wearing skirts to date functions and when I clicked there, I found a fabulous red mini skirt. It was cute, sweet, fashionable, sassy, and fun. The cost was in my price range. I selected size small and clicked “Add to my shopping bag.” I decided to find a top to match. When I found one, I added it to my bag and clicked “view bag.” My bag displayed the two items and asked if I would like to continue shopping or visit the checkout. At the checkout, I filled shipping and billing addresses. This is perfect for me, especially since I send all of my bills to my house, and I send all of my packages to school. I typed in my credit card number and expiration date and then submitted my order. I was sent a confirmation via email and my clothing arrived within seven business days.

Shopping online can coexist as both a convenience and a pain. It’s fast, prices tend to be better, and it seems like your size is always available. But is it really safe? Will the products be delivered after you have given the company your credit card number? I surveyed twenty individuals at James Madison University to get the consensus on this issue: shopping online…is it safe and is it better?

My survey consisted of students between their freshman and senior years here at JMU. Their ages range from eighteen to twenty-one; I surveyed thirteen males and seven females. Upon asking my first question, “have you ever purchased anything online?” I was surprised. Only sixty percent (or twelve individuals of the original twenty) of the people I surveyed had ever shopped online. The remaining forty percent (eight individuals) explained their reasons for not shopping online were as follows: lack of extra cash to spend, security, and not being able to try the clothes on. I asked those in favor of shopping online to tell me what they dislike about the process. Pierce, a double major in English and teaching, passionately exclaimed, “I hate shipping and handling charges. Jen, you cannot tell me it costs that much to put a shirt in a...

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