The Benefits Of Volunteering Essay

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A common misconception about volunteering is that it only helps the cause. Often times that aspect is the only part that is highlighted when the topic of donating time comes up. There is a different side of volunteering though. Many volunteers donate their time to help better the community they live in and the people that live in it. When they choose to do this they not only help others but they are also helping better themselves. Volunteering benefits a person by building connections with peers, improving family life, expanding career skills, overcoming self doubt, having lasting life impressions, and creating new opportunities.
Many people only communicate with friends and acquaintances that they see every day. This means that often many people only talk to co-workers or fellow students. Even those that attend a place of worship or participate in a sport or hobby still limit the amount of people they include in their conversations. This often limits social circles and activities that a person is active in. While volunteering, someone may meet up to as many as twenty or more people in less than an hour. Participating in a small talk with a stranger that shares the same interests and is working towards the same cause might turn out to end up being more than just a conversation. The conversation may lead to a friendship. A fun way to bond with already existing friends and family may be to bring them along on project. Friends and relatives get to partake in the activity while realizing how eye opening everything can be. “One of the best ways to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships is to commit to a shared activity together.” (Saisan, Smith, and Kemp) A volunteer can also help improve their already existing relationships by helping others. Different people often times have different ways of communicating, and because of this, existing relationships benefit. Handling difficult situations or even presenting a project at work will become easier by spending time with new people. Also, new topics of discussion are often discovered that help improve the quality of conversations. New topics allow a person to learn things they have never known before. “Networking is an exciting benefit of volunteering and you can never tell who you will meet or what new information you will learn and what impact this could have on your life.” (“World Volunteer Web: Benefits of Volunteering”)
Next, a relationship at home can be strengthened by donating time to a better cause. Many families have their lives consumed by technology. Communication is no longer having a face-to-face conversation. “Research has shown that volunteering as a family increases interpersonal communication and the problem-solving abilities of family members.” (S1) Volunteering, in most cases, requires someone to work with others. This means that they are physically around the person, with little to no technology to aid them. By volunteering, with or without family, the want of...

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