The Many Branches Of Psychology Essay

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There are many different branches of Psychology. There is the branch that deals with children and family. There is also Criminal Psychology and then there is the Rehab and psychiatric hospital branches. Psychology is a very complex part of the medical field since we are dealing with the human mind and learning how it works.
In family and child psychology you are working with a variety of families, couples and children coping with different things. Some are couples that are having trouble conceiving or unable to conceive. They may be dealing with the loss of a child. Some might be helping children and family deal with illness in the family that has or will take a loved one away from them. In ...view middle of the document...

You are also dealing with adult and child abuse of the worse kind. You will work with adults and children with serious anger problems. You will get to work with families trying to adopt children because they cannot have one of their own. You will meet children that are or have been adopted, to see how they are adjusting. You will work with adults and kids who have drug and alcohol problems, and many other disorders. Making sure you are ready to handle all of this is the first step for you to take to help them handle it.
Another branch of psychology is in the law enforcement. Being able to work and help, not only police officers, but emts, fire fighters and 911 operators as well. These men and women see and hear things every day that we don’t. In this type of psychology, you are giving counseling to officers, emts, fire fighters and 911 operators that have had a distressing day. Whether it was from an accident that cost someone their life, or standoff between officers and a gunman, or a hostage situation. Perhaps the loss of one of their own. No matter what it is, they need counseling for it. You can also use psychology to help track down a suspect. By using psychology you are getting in the suspect’s head, figuring out he or she thinks and what their next move is going to be. As a psychologist in this area, you work close with law enforcement to find the suspect and arrest them.
In a hospital/rehab setting, a psychologist would be counseling patients of many different backgrounds and mental illnesses. Some will range from eating disorders to drug overdoses and suicides. There are also the mental disorders that have become severe enough that the patient can no longer be on their...

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