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The Many Fathers Of Treasure Island

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Fathers are men who help to shape and mold children, youth, and young adults into the adults they become. Some fathers are biological, but many are men that are introduced through daily interactions and occurrences. The father figure may have a positive or negative impact on the child. This is true with the character Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island. Many characters guide his growth throughout the book with good and bad traits. He looks for a father because his own father is not a factor in his life. He dies when Jim is a young child and does not seem to have a significant effect on Jim’s life. Ben Gunn, Dr. Livesey, and John Silver provide Jim with examples and characteristics he incorporates into the person he becomes. Jim, like many others, find father figures to identify with and pattern their own lives after whether it is a blood relative or a person they choose from their surroundings.
Ben Gunn is the character in the book that shows Jim Hawkins how to survive, provide spiritual guidance, and be proud of whom you are. Ben is a pirate that lives alone on Treasure Island. He was left there by the pirate crew he belonged to three years ago after he was unable to find the treasure. Ben is a survivor. He has been able to provide food and a home for himself since he was left alone. He is also a man of faith. Ben tells Jim, “I’m poor Ben Gunn, I am; and I haven’t spoke with a Christian these three years.” (15) Even though he has been alone he is relying on God to help him survive. Ben is content with his station in life. He does not need a title or friends to make him feel important and others realize this about him. One of the crew members, George Merry, says "Nobody minds Ben Gunn [...] dead or alive, nobody minds him" (32.30). Jim will learn how to be a survivor, rely on God, and to be proud of who he is regardless of what happens and who you meet from Ben Gunn.
The second person who impacts Jim Hawkins’s life is Dr. Livesey. Dr. Livesey has known Jim since he was a child in England. He showed Jim how to be a good judge of character and a caring person. He tells Trelawney “Well, squire … I don’t put much faith in your discoveries, as a general thing; but I will say this, John Silver suits me.” (8) He realizes that something is not right about the group Squire Trelawney has found for their journey, but he...

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