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The Many Functions Of The Brain

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The Many Functions of The Brain

The brain has many functions in which it helps process and understands information. One aspect of the brain is its memory. Memory is there so information can be used to understand what is happening around someone. The function of memory is somewhat of an enigma to many scientists. How does the brain store and retrieve such information and at such high speeds? Although it is hard to conceive the actual machine working behind memory scientist have been able to figure out the physiology behind this process. The brain is composed of millions of neurons. Communication between these neurons is by using nerve impulses from the axon of one neuron to the dendrites of another. This is called a synapse. All impulses are transmitted by a chemical substance, which is called a neurotransmitter. Scientists have not been able to explain the actual processes that occur within memory. They cannot explain why people can remember something's and not other or why some learning strategies are better then others. It turns into more of a guessing game using analogies to explain what happens. Memory has been compared to the way " we rummage our house for a lost object." That is the way the brain works in terms of memory. The confusing part is how one can store it retrieving it and even use it to decipher harder more complex problems. In one early theory memory is broken down into two areas. These areas are primary memory and secondary memory. Primary memory is said to not have to be retrieved. It was never lost and it is what is seen in present time. Secondary memory is a place where everything can be stored, but the difference is secondary memory has to be retrieved and cannot be used like primary memory. These two different types of memory are now known as short-term memory and long-term memory. What happens how ever when a person's memory does not work or when he or she has disorder, which does not allow them to be able to perform simple task that everyone takes for granted? Such diseases are called agnosia and dissociative disorder. In order to understand these problems one must understand the different parts of memory and what is affected.
There is much evidence of the existence of short and long-term memory. Most disorders of the mind stem from the inability of the mind to transfer signals from short to long-term memory. Memory is conceived as a transfer of information between short-term and long-term memory. What factor must be present in order for a person memory to work incorrectly? An average person forgets things on a regular basis and that can be attributed to the breakdown in information transfer in the brain. Scientist explains that the best way to remember things is by rehearsal. Through this technique people can remember information presented with a higher rate accuracy. However this leaves little or no evidence to the reason of why people forget things. This is attributed to a break...

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