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The Many Inventions Of Leonardo Da Vinci

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Can you imagine how would the world’s view be without the contribution of Leonardo Da Vinci? His discoveries and invention unlike any were extraordinary. Leonardo is still known as one of the greatest mind that ever set foot on earth. His perspective helped us see work of art with actual contemptuous expression rather than being unrealistic. He was a man of many talents. Apart from being one of the greatest artists, he made contribution in Anatomy, and Invention in the world of engineering. Although his other discoveries and invention were not focused on as much, it changed society in a way that is impossible for one man to achieve. He broke barriers like God on earth. His ideas were unexplainable and unrealistic during his time, but toward the 19th century he inspired many engineers to develop models that were unattainable. Although Leonardo Da Vinci is known for his art work, he made amazing contribution in anatomy and engineering to help him open up his mind.
What is art without a mystery behind it? Leonardo tried to connect with the world through a different perspective “sought a Universal language in painting,” (art). Although Leonardo learned from Verocchio, he quickly surpassed him, (art). Around his time Europe was mainly dominated by religion, so it was a challenge to paint divine figures realistically. According to the article Leonardo Da Vinci painting to paint a perfect art the artist must have complete control of the expression. The Last Supper is known as one of Leonardo’s greatest painting in which “his hand trembled whenever he attempted to paint it” because he expressed Christ as not ideal or divine, ( Painting). This emphasizes that artist during the Renaissance feared the Catholic Church so much to a point where realism was left out. Painting different expression on thirteen different figures was a challenge for other painters but the work was done because “the difference between them and him is one of degree, not of kind,” (art). Other artist thinks he made mistakes by using a darker tone on the background of “Adoration of the Magi,” known as chiaroscuro, but it was to distinguish it from the enlightened figures, (art). The use of different...

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