The Many Issue That Involve Anabolic Steroids

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The Many Issues that involve Anabolic Steroids It was the summer of 1988 and the eyes of the world were focused upon Seoul, Korea where the Olympic games were being held. The highlight of the games was the showdown between American sprinter Carl Lewis and Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson in the 100-meter dash. When the time came for the two athletes to face off, Ben Johnson destroyed Carl Lewis and the world record, posting a time of 9.75 seconds. Three days later the International Olympic Committee stripped Johnson of his gold medal and the world record, when traces of stanozolol, a form of anabolic steroids, was found in his urine. Carl Lewis? time of 9.92 seconds was ratified to become the new world record. Instead of going home with 20 million dollars in endorsements, a gold medal, and the new world record, Ben Johnson went home with a two year suspension from international competition and a life-time ban from the Canadian national team all because he chose to use anabolic steroids to improve his performance. Ben Johnson awoke the world to the wide-spread use and abuse of steroids among athletes. This raises the ethical question of whether or not it is right for athletes to use anabolic steroids to improve their athletic performance. Because of the complex nature of this question there are several key factors to understanding both sides of the issue. These factors include: what anabolic steroids are, the history of steroids, their medical uses, the physiological effects on the body and the psychological effects they have on the mind.Sot 2 The term anabolic refers to the building up of body tissue and structure. A hormone with an anabolic effect is commonly known as an androgen. Androgens promote growth, appetite, formation of red blood cells, and the building of muscle proteins. Anabolic steroids are synthetic versions of testosterone, which ideally focus on the anabolic effects while minimizing the masculinizing effects of the hormone.The history of anabolic steroids is rather shocking due to the fact that one of the most feared men in the history of the world, Adolf Hitler, was a main player in their development. Not only was he involved with the development, but he was also one of the first users of the synthetic male hormone. As found in the records of Hitler's personal physician, he was given injections of the "derivatives of testosterone for a variety of physical and mental ailments" (Dolan 8). World War II documents show that German scientists first developed these drugs by performing a number of hormonal manipulations and experimentation on Nazi prisoners. Although American Dr. John B. Ziegler is given credit for the original synthesis of anabolic steroids, their first synthesis came right out of the concentration camps of World War II. It was documented that steroids were given to the Nazi soldiers to make them more aggressive in battle.Anabolic steroids did not make their way into the athletic spotlight until the early 1950's. At the...

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