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The Many Kinds Of Love Essay

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When was the last time you looked someone in the eyes and told them that you loved them? Was it a family member? A friend? A girlfriend or boyfriend? In the course of a lifetime, we probably tell people in each of these groups that we love them. Yet, the meaning of those three simple words changes greatly depending upon whom they are directed at. There are many different kinds of love, and many different degrees of love. Each of these has equal importance, yet each has its own distinct qualities that make it appropriate for the people that it is directed towards.Possibly the most important kind of love is that which is unconditional. Unconditional love is about caring, sharing, and comforting, regardless of the situation. This kind of love doesn't discriminate based upon race, religion, color, class, or anything else. Unconditional love is always mutual, between two or more people, each sharing the same kind of love for one another. This love is the strongest and truest of all love, and builds the strongest bonds between two or more people.Another degree of love is "puppy love." This term is often used to describe the love between two children who are not mature enough to experience the emotions involved in unconditional love. Unlike unconditional love, puppy love comes and goes with time. It cannot often withstand situations that unconditional love would find a way to work through. Additionally, puppy love does not have to be a mutual feeling between two or more people. Middle school aged children, for example, often develop crushes on each other, but these feelings are often not mutual. To them, it is still real love, even though the other party may only want to be friends. Puppy love is innocent, and will often fade away with time.We learn of love for the first time shortly after birth. Even while still in the hospital, we are surrounded by a caring and loving family. Whether we have a mother and a father, or one of the two, brothers, sisters, or both, we are engulfed in a cloud of love. Family love is always unconditional, yet there is more to this "family" love than simply being unconditional. Families develop an intimate connection with one another. They know each other inside out, and are able to sense when someone isn't feeling their best, emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally. This connection is part of what separates family love from any other kind of love. This connection allows families to offer love, even when it isn't asked for, and sometimes when it isn't wanted. These "open arms" of love within a family strengthen the bonds between family members, and create an incredible working unit of love.Family love is also about understanding. Whether it has been a hard day at school, a long day at work, or even a great day at the beach, you can always find an ear to listen to what happened when you get home. Even if family members don't really want to spend an evening doing so, they are always willing to listen, comfort, and...

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