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The Many Uses Of Cobalt Essay

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There are many elements in the world and one of them is cobalt. It is a silvery blue metal with a blue coat. It is element number twenty-seven on the table, which means that it has twenty-seven protons and electrons. One mole or its atomic weight is 58.9 grams. It has a relatively high melting and boiling point, the melting point being 1,495 degrees Celsius or 2,723 Fahrenheit and the boiling point being 2,927 degrees Celsius or 5,301 Fahrenheit. The top three countries that mine this element are the District Republic of the Congo, Cuba, and Australia in that order. Cobalt has had and still has many uses in the world today. This element’s uses include alloys, electronics, chemicals, agriculture, and health industries. It is used in all of these industries in many ways. (Cobalt Periodic)
Cobalt is a part in a lot of steels, specifically in super alloys. It is one of the main uses of Cobalt really. These alloys are meant to last. They work in space turbines, jet turbines, power plants, rocket motors, nuclear reactors, and chemical equipment (Cobalt Facts). Cobalt is mixed in these alloys along with iron, nickel, chromium, tungsten, aluminum, and titanium (Newton). These alloys are employed because they are resistant to corrosion and are meant to preform, not break, or wear down at high stress and temperature levels. Cobalt has these qualities so, it is applied to increase the resistance in the alloys. Cobalt is also used in cemented carbides. These are cutting tools made to cut metals and because of this they need high strength and durability. Cobalt fills those needs of durability and strength again to help these carbides maintain their use (Cobalt Facts). Cobalt is also used in metal replacement bones and corrosion resistant steels too. Cobalt is used in other metals that are made for electronics and magnetics.
Cobalt is in magnets and electronics in quite a few ways. One use for cobalt is in magnetic alloys that are meant to keep a magnetic field for a certain period of time. These fields include motors and generators (Newton). Cobalt is used in these fields for many reasons. The main reason though is that cobalt has a high Curie temperature. A Curie temperature is basically how hot a metal can be heated while maintaining its magnetism. Cobalt’s Curie temp is 1,121 degrees Celsius. Cobalt has a high magnetic power and tesla (magnetic density) too(Cobalt Facts). Cobalt is also applied in various electronics. Cobalt is used because it has the power to carry and direct currents like other metals. Cobalt is utilized in circuits and semi-conductors because of this. Another use of Cobalt includes batteries. Cobalt is used as a powder in batteries to raise the power while stabilizing the battery at the same time. One of the main visual uses of cobalt, though, is in chemistry.
Cobalt has many uses in the aspect of chemistry. One of the main uses is a catalyst in petroleum. Specifically, CoMoO4 is made to help change petroleum into gasoline...

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