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The Marine Iguana can also be known as its scientific name, Amblyrhynchus cristatus. They are found only on the Galapagos Islands, and have been called the reptiles of the sea. The Marine Iguana weighs up to 10kgs and can be up to 100cm’s in length, although the weight and lengths vary depending on what island they are from throughout the Galapagos islands. The Marine Iguana is usually seen as black and grey, occasionally going red and green during the breeding seasons. Because the Marine Iguana is a cold blooded animal, their dark colours help to attract heat to their bodies to make them warm, because the Galapagos islands have volcanic rocks, the Marine Iguana’s can lay on them to get warm ...view middle of the document...

Other than breeding seasons where the males are very territorial towards their nests, Marine Iguana’s are often known to stay in large groups known as colonies. When the males have mated with one of the females, they will look for other females to mate with whilst the females find materials for their nests. Once the female has found a place for her nest, she will leave her eggs and the babies will then care for themselves when they are born.

- Adaptions:
The Marine Iguana has majorly adapted to fit its habitat, over many years it has learned different things that will help them to survive in their environment. To help survive in the harsh environment the Marine Iguana lives in, it has had to adapt the way it looks in order to have more survival methods. Such as, their blunt nose and sharp teeth which helps them to scrape off algae that’s on the rocks, also their long, sharp claws that greatly help them grip to rocks, these characteristics of the Marine Iguana majorly helps them hunt for food and is a major survival method. Their tail has flattened to help them to swim, so they can hunt for food and survive in their habitat. As the Marine Iguana spends a lot of time in the ocean, feeding and swimming in the sea means they are constantly swallowing a lot of salt water. To get rid of the salt, the marine iguana has special glands that remove the salt. These glands are between their eyes and nostrils, the salt and the salt is grouped in the nostril and when the Iguana is ready it sneezes it out and shoots it up in the air. The Marine Iguana has majorly changed from the land iguanas, making many different adaptions to help them hunt and survive near ocean environments.

- Innate and learned behaviours:
The Marine Iguana has majorly adapted to suit their environment. The Marine Iguana is also known for its trait of being able to shrink in length and weight when there isn’t enough food to survive, they can then regrow when there...

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