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There are many career fields available to young adults in the United States of America, some of which include the military. The Marines is a great career field because people can apply themselves in a structured environment gaining self respect along with learning skills that will help them later in life. Specifically, the Marines are a proud organization that celebrates their history, uniforms, as well as their principals and values.
The Marines were established on November 10, 1775 when the Continental Congress met to create two battalions of Marines to fight on sea and shore. Samuel Nicholas, a military man of
Philadelphia, was appointed captain of the Marines on the November 28, 1775 ...view middle of the document...

In 1884, they began wearing dark blue jackets and light blue slacks, which has remained constant over the years, with a few alterations. The “blood stripe,” a red stripe down each pant leg, represents the blood shed of marines who died in the Chapultepec. Dress blues are worn on special occasions such as ceremonies, visits from U.S. officials, and formal social gatherings.
Another important item of the Marines, is the sword. The oldest weapons in the history of the United states belong the the Marines. The sword represents the Marines strong heritage as America’s first defenders. Officers carry the Mameluke Sword, originally given to Lieutenant Presley O'Bannon in 1805. Lieutenant O’Bannon and his fellow marines marches across six-hundred miles of African desert to rid the shorelines of Tripoli of pirates along with rescuing the kidnapped crew of the USS Philadelphia. In 1825, all Marine Offices carried the sword to recognise the historical battle. This battle was commemorated as the Marine Corps’ first battle on foreign soil.
The three main values that the Marines follow are honor, courage, and commitment. As code of personal integrity, honor guides those to do the right thing when no one is looking. It is not only a duty, but also a distinction. Those who possess honor are held in honor. It's found in their beliefs, but exhibited through their actions. Marines are held to the highest of standards, ethically and morally. They are expected to act responsibly in a manner befitting the title they've earned. Courage is also an important quality of a Marine. When other principles are tested, it's courage that prevents them from crumbling. It isn't ignoring fear, but being stronger than fear. Courage is the guardian of all other values. It is there when times are toughest, when difficult decisions have to be made. It takes the form of mental, physical and ethical strength, and is found in the backbone of every Marine. A Marine must also be committed. Commitment is the spirit of determination found in every Marine. It is what compels Marines to serve our nation and the Corps, and to continue on when others quit. Commitment doesn't take breaks and it cannot be faked. It measures and proves one's desire, dedication and faithfulness.
Marines also live by the saying Semper Fidelis. Latin for "always faithful," Semper Fidelis became the Marine Corps motto in 1883. Semper Fidelis...

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