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The Marketing Mix Of Exhibition And Shopping Center

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Kano’s model divided the quality of products into three parts.
1. Dissatisfies, this characteristics of quality that customers expect which they can either inform or not inform. However, if this characteristic is missing, customers will become dissatisfied immediately. For example, the quality of the product, wallet should have nice seam with no defect on the leather or TV should have correct manual and all buttons are able to use. All these things are very important to customers. By the way, the operator can check their customers’ complaint through the customer service center or dealers because if the products cannot meet customers’ need, they will complaint immediately.
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However, in the future the competitors may develop products that will make these special features become customer standard expectation immediately such as nowadays mobile phone that taking photo and play music become standard feature or standard expectation.
Kano’s model that can divided into three parts which are Dissatisfies, which is a part of product that must not missing, Satisfies, which is a part that need to develop more and more to impress customers, and Delighter, a part that will surprise customers which the designers and developers have to work on to create the outstanding features of the products towards customers which will of course can increase sales and customers.
Kano’s model analysis process is divided into three stages. The first stage is to identifying customer needs by start from voice of customer. In general, customers need could be known by word spoken directly to show what they need. Normally, these customers’ needs would be no order in concepts arrangement or the choice of vocabulary, then the information quite mix and not organize. Sometime the information also...

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