The Promotion Of Student Culture Essay

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The Promotion of Student Culture
Student cultures in universities are becoming extremely diverse. Students are discovering what they like and dislike in college, so they tend to explore and learn about different cultures when making friends. New friends bring a whole new world to the feet of first time freshman, as well as upper class men.
When Nathan interviewed several international students, they said the way we talk to people is extremely different from their country. “For the international students I interviewed, American college culture is a world of engagement, choice, individualism, and independence, but it is also one of cross-cultural ignorance and self-delusion that cries out for remediation (Rebekah Nathan).” Most American’s are ignorant to other cultures, and international students in My Freshman Year confess to our ignorance. In universities, most international students admit to not having any help from their former professors. “American students answered and asked questions, even offered opinions, but the foreigners - half the class, most from China - sat in silence.” (New York Times) This information is completely accurate in my opinion, because if I was a foreigner I would keep my mouth shut in fear of appearing ignorant.
College students will hang around with their own kind because of the fear of being rejected by others. Students don t want to go to unknown territory. They want to feel comfortable when speaking or eating. People like to feel, and remain in their own comfort zones. Being in a new place is frightening, and by sticking with a group of people that share similar interests and cultures, almost everyone is placed into a realm of comfort.
Each student struggles differently in college. “For example some first year students loiter around avoiding lectures and tutorials thus coming to school with different intentions (Study Mode).” Some students from other countries do not struggle with this, because they were never offered these opportunities until now. They see these opportunities for free help, and pay little or no attention to the social norms of the American culture because it is so different from theirs. Or, no one gives them the opportunity to explore our culture.

Many universities provide a wide variety of cultural groups to join. This forms a diverse array of cultural community. “The Center provides programs and services that support the academic and social success for ALL students at the University of Nevada through advisement, leadership development, counseling, student organizations, outreach, and intercultural programming. We offer a multitude of opportunities for student involvement, support, networking and social interaction. Open door policy-stop by to say "hi" on the third floor of the Joe Crowley Student Union (University of Nevada).” The University of Nevada creates a vast community of cultures with these groups, and these groups are where people develop new friendships. This creates small...

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